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The letter from Ladysmith Page 2

The second page of Sergeant Cox's letter from Ladysmith

©William Wylie


(Text brought forward from the previous page to maintain the sense of the passage)


Well after we were relieved we were put on full rations which some of the men made away with too fast for after being so long on low diet a man's stomach is weak and wants studying. Well now we were all more or less affected not to say very bad but it will take months to bring us round to our proper state of health.


I am fond  of a bit of good bacon but you should see what we get in tins, all fat which is too strong for strong men, and jam that is our extras and we get meat stew for dinner with a few potatoes or a pea soup made of pea flour which goes down well  but that is not bad but the bacon is not fit for us, it is too gross.


But we are bucking and hope to have a better doss in a month or so for the ground is hard in some places. We have one blanket, big coat and one suit with us now with a change of underwear so I shall be glad when we know what is going to be done with us for we can't compete with outsiders yet.

So now dear Bro and Sis I must close.

With fond love to you and xxxxxxx for my little nieces.

I remain,

Your loving Brother,

W. J. Cox.

No 337 Sergt W. Coc

Devon Regt, Indian contingent

South Africa

This text is the copyright property of William Wylie


The relief of Ladysmith
The relief of Ladysmith

The last rush at Hlangwane Hill

Sketched on the battlefield by René Bull, the war artist who was present at all the major events until he was badly wounded in 1900 and had to  be invalided home.



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