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Abbotsham 1914 War Memorial

Abbotsham 1914 - 1918 War Memorial

© Richard J. Brine


15334 Private Joseph Bale of the 9th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of John and Mary Jane Bale; husband of Walborg Bale of Norway. Born in Abbotsham in 1883. Died 14 November 1915 aged 32. He had been the village postman.
37232 Private Percy Bolt of the 1st/5th Battalion, the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry.  Son of Emmanuel and Laura Blackmore of Abbotsham. Born in Chudleigh, Devon in 1899. Died 11 April 1918 aged 19.
Captain Robert Colin Boyd of the 8th Battalion , the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Archibald and Gertrude Boyd of Westward Ho! Born in Paddington, London, in 1893. Died 14 July 1916 aged 23.
Captain Philip Pipon Braithwaite of the Indian Army Reserve of Officers; attached to Jacob's Horse.    Son of Canon Richard Braithwaite and his wife Jessie of Winchester. Born in Abbotsham in 1881. Died 23 September 1918 aged 38. He had Indian Nationality. Mentioned in Despatches
99366 Gunner James Churchill of the Royal Garrison Artillery, based at the Siege Depot. Husband of Bertha Churchill. Born in Abbotsham 1 March 1895. Died 5 March 1917 aged 22. Buried in the cemetery at Eastbourne.
18524 Private William Cloke of the 8th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Husband of Florence Cloke of Abbotsham. Born in Bideford in 1891. Died 9 March 1916 aged 24.
Lieut William Herbert Leslie Vesey Fitzgerald of the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Gerald and Amelia Emma Fitzgerald. Born in 1890. Died 14 August 1916 aged 26.
346058 Private John Hearn of the 16th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of William and Selina Hearn of Rixlade. Born in Abbotsham in 1891. Died 2 September 1918 aged 27.
Lieut. Ambrose Joseph Cocks Heriz-Smith of the 6th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment.  Son of Joseph Cocks Heriz Smith JP and his wife; husband of Kathleen Heriz-Smith of Bideford. Born in 1879. Died in 1915 aged 37.
Lieut. Peter Dalbiac Luard of the 3rd/11th Battalion, the Cameronian Scottish Rifles. Son of Col. George Luard and his wife Helen of Westward Ho! Born in 1898. Died 19 September 1918 aged 20.
2nd Lieut. Alexander Reginald Newton-King of the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Irish Regiment. Son of Major and Mrs Newton-King of Westward Ho! Born in 1895. Died in France 12 April 1915 aged 20.
49791 Private Ernest William Pickard of the 10th Battalion, the Royal Fusiliers. Son of William and Ellen Pickard of Bournemouth; brother of Reginald (see below). Born in 1891. Died 14 September 1918 aged 27.
2nd Lieut. Reginald Gilbert Pickard of the Welsh Regiment, the 7th (Cyclists) Battalion.  Son of William and Ellen Pickard of Bournemouth; brother of Ernest (see above). Born in  Bideford in 1889. Died 2 March 1917 aged 28.
Lieutenant Tristram James Pine-Coffin of the 3rd Battalion , the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Matilda and the late John Pine-Coffin; husband of Sybil Pine-Coffin.  Born 4 August 1885. Died 23 September 1919 aged 34.
Captain Edward Molesworth Sealy of the Royal Engineers. Son of Prebendary and Mrs R. W. Sealy of Abbotsham; husband of Caroline Sealy. Born in Abbotsham in 1888. Died 25 December 1915 aged 27. Buried in Abbotsham Churchyard.
2nd Lieut. of the 3rd Battalion, the Royal Sussex Regiment; attached to the 12th Battalion. Son of the Rev. Richard Turner, formerly Vicar of Barnstaple,  and his wife, Mrs. L.T.Turner. Born in 1896. Died in 1917 aged 20.
J 79076 Boy 2nd Class Stanley Artice Williams, of the Royal Navy, HMS Impregnable. Son of Samuel and Blanche Williams of Horn Cross. Born in 1902*. Died of illness 21 March 1918 aged 16. Buried in Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

I cannot find a birth certificate for him for this calculated date but I did find one dated 1905. If this was his true year of birth then he can only have been 13 when he died.  So was this just a case of late registration? Or was it still possible to join the Navy at the age of 12 in 1917?


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