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Alphington is a neat and pleasant village on the western side of the river Exe, 1½ miles S of Exeter, and has in its parish 1286 inhabitants, and about 2700 acres of fertile land, traversed by the South Devon Railway and the Exeter Ship Canal. It has cattle fairs on the first Wednesday after the 20th June, and on the Wednesday after Michaelmas Day. It was one of the principal quarters of Sir Thomas Fairfax's army when he was blockading Exeter in 1646. The Earl of Devon owns most of the soil and is lord of the manor of Alphington, which was obtained by his family in the reign of Richard II, in exchange from the Seagraves. Matford, formerly a seat of the Smith and other families, belongs to Sir L. V. Palk and several smaller proprietors have estates and neat houses here.


Risdon says a man named Stone died here at the age of 120 years in the reign of Elizabeth. On July 2nd 1760, by the sudden inundation of the rivulet which runs through the village to the Exe, upwards of 20 houses are said to have been thrown down, and the damage was computed at upwards of £1000.


The church (St Michael) is a large antique fabric with a tower and eight bells. The rectory, valued in the King's Book at £34 - 6s - 8d. and in 1831 at £979 is in the deanery of Kenn.. The Rev. Richard Ellacombe MA is patron and incumbent, and has a good Rectory House, worth £20 a year, was built by the parish in the reign of Elizabeth on land given by William Courtenay Esq. The Poor's land comprises about 21 acres and a farm house at Holcombe Burnell, purchased in 1756 with money left by John Bliss and other donors. It is now let for £15 a year. The poor parishioners have also 30s a year out of the Matford Estate, left by Edward leach and another donor. They have likewise interest of £5 left by James Pitman. The Poor Houses, comprising four small cottages, occupied rent free by poor families, where purchased in 1675 with £45 given by various donors.


Mrs Abell

John A Bales

Thomas Brewer, National Schoolmaster

John Browning, Gentleman

Mrs and the Misses Browning

Richard Brown, corn miller

Joseph Buckley, gentleman, Alphington Cottage

Edward Copleston, solicitor, Newhayes

William Cotton, gentleman

Charles Cole, carpenter and sexton

William Davies, plumber and glazier

Henry Dorvill, gentleman, Laurel Cottage

James Downing. road contractor

Rev. Richard Ellicombe MA, The Rectory

Henry Fisher, pit sand dealer

Richard Fry, butcher

Mr Thomas Godwin

Lieut. George Gubb

Thomas hammond, gentleman, Mount House

George Hallett, currier and leather cutter

Robert Thomas Head, solicitor, Briars

Thomas Hill, gentleman, Myrtle Cottage

J. Howard, road surveyor

Thomas Hussey and Sons, auctioneer, Waybrook

Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, Esq. magistrate, Peamore

John A Knott, clerk

Richard Lear, saddler

Thomas Latchworth Esq. Alphington House

Mrs F. Lillies

William Loram, butcher

John C. Loxmoore Esq., magistrate

Mrs Mary Ann Mantle, Bridge Cottage

James Marsh, gentleman, Rock House

William Marker, collector of taxes

Mr Edwin Martin

J. Pike, thatcher

Mrs A. Pocknell

Luke Ponsford, gentleman

Rev. Charles Porter BD

John Sharland, gentleman

Lieut. John Skinley RN

Mrs Symons

Edward taylor, basket maker

Henry Toms, cooper and parish clerk

Mr John Tuckett

John Westcott, mason

Ebenezer Wilcocks, gentleman, Rose Villa

John Wippell, maltster

Thomas Woodman, gentleman, Cross

Robert Wreford, solicitor

Misses Louisa and Ellena Wyse


Admiral Vernon - publican William Gover

Bell Inn, publican Thomas Langford

Double Locks Inn, publican,Thomas Pennyman

King William, publican, Thomas Carpenter


George Tripp

Mary Wright


James Brewer

John Wright


George Payne

Richard Rowe

Charles Sibley

Thomas Symons

James Stevens

John Woolsey


William Floyd

Dorothy Hedgman, Pole House

Robert Hodge, Cudmoor

Robert Lear

Richard Loram

William neck, Matford

William Rowe

John Webber

John Wrey


Robert Grant

George Herbert

John Langford

James Snell

Robert Stone.


Robert Rewe

Mrs. Wippell


 William Banks

George Elsworthy

John Dobson

James Gibbon

Peter Sharland

John Stone


Joseph Bastin, machine maker

Henry Bastin

Lovell & Parkin

Thomas Wright

POST OFFICE at J Hele's;  letters despatched to Exeter at 7.30 each night.


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