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Ashburton War Memorial
Asburton War Memorial



404771 Sergeant Cyril Arthur Brennan of the Royal Australian Airforce, flying  Spitfire 3M 536. Son of Frank and Helen Brennan of Morningside, AU. Born in Queensland, Australia 21 June 1920. Died 25 June 1942 off the Isle of Ushant.
Corporal Leonard Harvey of the RAF. Son of William and Nellie Harvey of Asburton. Born in 1919. Died 1 February 1943 aged 24,
1132158 Sergeant Ernest Joseph Lowrey of the Royal Australian Air Force.  Son of Frederick and Mary Ann Lawer* of Stanhope AU. Born in 1921.Died 3 July 1942 aged 21.

NB. Note that the parents' real name has not made its way into British records.

To see the unusual memorials erected to these brothers by the Whitley family (who founded Paignton Zoo) go to Buckland-in-the - Moor pages.

252025 Captain Edward Neil Whitley of the RAF VR . Son of William and Elizabeth Whitley; husband of Eileen Whitley. Born in 1918. Died of wounds 6 June 1944 aged 26.

Pilot Officer Peter Percy Whitley of the RAF VR, 57 Squadron. Son of William and Elizabeth Whitley; husband of Primrose Whitley; brother of Edward (see above). Born in Paignton in the June Quarter of 1910. Reported missing over Cologne 15 October 1942 aged 32.
1352118 Aircraftman 2nd Class James Barnett of the RAF VR. Son of Harry and Ethel Barnett of Ashburton. Born in Ashburton in the December Quarter of 1909.  Died 30 August 1940 aged 30.Buried in St Andrew's Churchyard.
141019 Flyinfg Officer Patrick Hector Conroy of 90 Squadron of Bomber Command. Born in 1916. Died 26 July 1943 aged 27.
2126480 Leading Aircraftwoman Pamela Constance Mary Coole of the WAAF. Daughter of Albert and Constance Coole of Ashburton.  Born in Ashburton in 1927. Died 27 August 1944 aged 17. Buried in Ashburton Churchyard Extension.
D/JX 146875 Petty Officer  Leonard Ernest Thomas Dann of the Royal Navy, HMS Barham. Son of Ernest and Winifred Dann of Ashburton; husband of Dorothy Dann. Born in Ashburton in the September Quarter of 1911. Died 25 November 1941 aged 32.
D/JX 157531 Able Seaman Peter Hamm of the Royal Navy, HMS Dorsetshire. Son of Peter and Winifred Hamm of  Ashburton. Born in Ashburton in 1923. Died 5 April 1942 aged 19. 
5620041 Gunner Ronald Frederick head of the 7th/4th Maritime Regiment of the Royal Artillery. Son of Frederick and Bertha Head. Born in Ashburton in the December Quarter of 1922. Died 15 October 1941 aged 18.
D/JX 48891 Chief Petty Officer William Ibbotson of the Royal Navy, HM Sub Spearfish. Son of Walter and Alice Ibbotson; husband of Lilian Ibbotson of Ashburton. Born in 1900. Died 2 August 1940 aged 40.
13057452 Private Henry Eli Knowles of the Auxilliary Military Battalion of the Pioneer Corps. Husband of Amy Knowles of Ashburton. Born in 1911. Died 30 September 1940 aged 29.
D/JX 135340 Leading Seaman Philip William George of the Royal Navy, HMS Sub Regulus. Son of Philip and Ellen of Ashburton. Born in 1915. Died 6 December 1940 aged 25.
1308491 Sergeant Thomas (Tom) Pascoe of the RAF VR, 75 Squadron. Son of Vivian and Elizabeth Pascoe of Ashburton. Born in 1921. Died 16 December 1942 aged 21. Buried in the extension Cemetery of St Andrews churchyard.
5628939 Corporal Edward Lewis Plummer of the 1st battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Edward and Elsie Plummer; husband of Dorothy Plummer of Ashburton. Born in Newport, Mon.  in 1911. Died in Burma  11 April 1944 aged 33.
5613457 Lance Bombardier Frederick Samuel Pomeroy of the 86th Anti Tank regiment of the Royal Artillery. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Pomeroy of Ashburton. Born in 1906. Died 26th January 1943 aged 37.
D/MX 57€34 Engine Room Artificer Ernest Roy Wright Russell of the Royal Navy, HM Sub Regent. Son of Henry and Leah Russell of Saltash. Born in 1917. Died 1 May 1943 aged 26.
7934610 Trooper Leslie Ronald Thorne of the 2nd Dragoon Guards, the Royal Armoured Corps, Son of Ernest and Ellen Thorne. Born in the September Quarter of 1920. Died 4 November 1942 aged 22.
D/JX 136042 Petty Officer  Harold E. Tubby of the Royal Navy, HMS Excellent. Son of Frederick and Emily Tubby. Born in Thirsk, N.Yorks,  in the December Quarter of 1915. Died of wounds 23 August 1943 aged 28.


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