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Berrynarbor Roll of Honour 1917
The 1917 Roll of Honour transcribed below


Two rolls of honour hang in the porch of Berrynarbor church - one is dated 1914 when the idea of going to fight in a war was all new and shiny and everyone would be home by Christmas. The other is dated 1917 when conscription had been introduced, when the war looked as though it was going badly against us and you had to go away and fight if your wanted to or not.

This is the Roll transcribed here. A Field address is given beside each man's name in case anyone wished to send them a parcel of comforts from home or write a letter. The mail service to our troops in WW1 was absolutely first  class - money was sent both ways in total confidence that it would reach the recipient, there was no censorship and even parcels got through terrible conditions within a very few days. The British Red Cross made significant efforts to get through to prisoners of war.



BEF = British Expeditionary Force

RMLI = Royal Marines Light Infantry

MM Police = The Corps of Military Mounted Police

MEF = Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force

RMA = Royal Marines Artillery

EEF = Egyptian Expeditionary Force

ASC = Army Service Corps

RWF = Royal Welsh Fusiliers

HAG = Heavy Artillery Groups

RGA = Royal Garrison Artillery

SWB = South Wales Borderers

MGC + Machine Gun Corps

BD Coy = Bomb Disposal Company

AOC + Army Ordnance Corps

AOD + Advance Ordnance Depot



1 Sidney W. Toms
56032 Drummer 12 Welsh Regiment, HQ BEF, France.
2 John Draper
47371 Private 1st Bat. B Coy Royal Irish Rifles, BEF, France
3 Stanley Toms
PLY 2001 2nd Bat.  RMLI.
4 Sam Trump
290095 Private A Coy, No. 2 Platoon, 9th Bat., the Devons, BEF,  France
5 George Trump
91972 MM Police, 38th Division, HQ, BEF, France
6 W. S. Harding
Farrier-Sergeant, 74th Divisional HQ, British Medical Force
7 Albert Trump
2375, 1.6 Devons, British POW, Tarsus, Turkey c/o GPO
8 J. Herbert Bowden
S 18473 Sergeant. 10th Bat. Black Watch, Transport Section, Salonica
9 Herbert Richards
Searchlight Coy, Royal Engineers. Bazra, Mesopotamia
10 Harold Richards
39061 A Coy. 10th Devons, Transport, Salonica
11 Percy Richards
266139 Corporal D Coy. 2/6 Devons, MEF, Mesopotamia
12 William Nicholls
8346 1/6 Devons, 13th Combined Depot, Secundrabad, India.
13 Cecil Andrew
239 Coy. Machine Gun Corps. c/o GPO, London
14 Forrest Dummett
235142, Private 11th Leicester Regiment, 9th Platoon, BEF, France
15 Harold Dummett
265198 Private 11th Platoon, C Coy. 1/6 Devons Mesopotamia
16 Charles Dummett
14980 Gunner RMA Mess 4 HMS Colossus c/o GPO
17 William Leworthy
19183 Private, RMLI, HMS Hildebrand c/o GPO London
18 Alf Sloley
Private RMLI 64 Mess, HMS Marlborough c/o GPO London
19 Richard Sloley
Sergeant, RMLI 64 Mess HMS Marlborough c/o GPO London
20 Reginald White
49606 4th machine Gun Coy, , EEF, Egypt
21 William Dinnicombe
Doctor 039901 ASC attached 2/1 East Anglian Field Ambulance Division EEF, Egypt.
22 Albert Latham
60341 10th Bat. RWF, B Coy. No 7 Platoon, BEF, France
23 Dick Latham
345713 B Coy. 16th R. Devon Bat., the Devons, Med EF, Egypt
24 Leslie Toms
56756 2nd A/M, Wireless operator attached 62nd HAG, RGA, BEF, France
25 Cecil Toms
150912 Gunner 281st Siege Bat. Signalling section, RGA, BEF, France
26 Fred Ley
41948 8th Platoon, 23rd Welsh Pioneers, Salonica
27 Ernest Pethrick
Bombardier, No 7 Field Bat. Base Field Post Office, British East Africa
28 William Huxtable
15078 Sergeant 7th Bat. C Coy. SWB Machine Gun Section, Salonica
29 D. Courtney
14862, 75th Brigade HQ, BEF, France
30 Bert (Albert) J. Snell
Mechanical Supply Coy. 102nd Regiment, Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Force, France.
31 Hubert E. Hicks
Second Lieutentant, Officer's School of Instruction, Bangalore, India
32 Albert Jones
416451 Private, c/o Mr Hunkin Eastabrook, Exbourne
33 Arthur Stapleton
192836 Private 70th Section, 6th Special Section Coy., Royal Engineers, BEF, France
34 Charles Ley
266638 No 8 Platoon, B Coy., 1/6th Devons, Mesopotamia.
35 G. K. P. Hebbert
Captain RGA., 35th RM Battalion, Abbottabad
36 R. B. C. Hutchinson DSC
Commander RN, HMS Plover
37 F.W.Brown
Quarter-Master Sergeant Royal Engineers, Fort Victoria, Isle of Wight
38 John Ford
276362 Sergeant D Coy., 4th reserve Glosters, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland
39 Charles Curzon
Lieutenant Royal naval Reserve, Devonport
40 Bertie Watts
Corporal 16th Yeomanry Bat. Devons EEF, Egypt
41 John Groves Jones
Private RMLI HMS Defiance
42 T. J. Latham
2373, Private 1/6 Devons, invalided home
43 Claude Andrew
329121 Heavy Bat., RGA , XM Lines 33 Hut, Morn Hill, Winchester
44 W. Street
24920 Private 9th Devons Auxilliary Military Hospital, Green Lane, Patricroft, Manchester
45 C. R. Huxtable
66995 Private, 84 Depot, 6th Bat. MGC Bilton Park Grantham
46 James Ley
C Coy, 4th reserve Coy, Regt. LW, Stud Farm, Melton Constable
47 William Chanter
1st Class Stoker, 11 Mess, HMS Faulkner
48 William Shapland
Invalided out of the army - wounded
49 George N. Gill
66381 Private No 2 Bat and BD Coy, 3rd Devons, BEF France
50 H, J, Chanter
Blacksmith HMS Forth
51 F. Klee
291665 Cycle Bat, 2/7 Devons
52 Richard Street
245876 1/6 Devons, Talaton, Devon
53 Harry Ashton
54 Fred Chugg
Brimscott, North Devon Hussars
55 Albert Jones
022795 Wheeler 73rd Coy, AOC, AOD workshop, Havre, BEF, France
56 Fred Jones
30326 9th Devons University War Hospital, Southampton
57 Benjamin Draper sen.
c/o Mr G. Payne, Topsham
58 Benjamin Draper jun.
Berrynarbor N. Devon
59 William Draper
26606 Corporal No 8 Hut, A Coy, 4th Devons, No 7 Camp Durrington, Salisbury
60 Bert Draper
Labour Corps, Unberleigh, N. Devon
61 Archie Harding
Caffin's farm, Lynton
62 F. Latham
345920 Private, B Coy, Royal Yeomanry Bat. Devons EEF
63 Thomas Latham
162990 110th Siege Bat. RGA, BEF France



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