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Bishop Tawton - the 1939 - 1945 War Memorial

The Bishop Tawton 1939 - 1945 War Memorial

©Richard J. Brine




Sub-Lieut. Norris Vaux Heppenstall of the RNVR serving on aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable  as a trainer of air crew. Son of Philip and Florence Hepenstall  of Barnstaple.  Born in Wortley, Yorkshire in the March Quarter of 1918. Died 6 April 1945 aged 27. Killed in a direct attack by a Japanese kamikazi pilot.

131928 Flying Officer Stanley John Huxtable Verney of the RAF VR of 218 Squadron. Son of Albert and Caroline Verney of Overton Farm. Born in Barnstaple in the June Quarter of 1918. Died 27 September 1943 aged 25.

In September 1939, a number of infantry and cavalary reservists were formed into Worls Labour Companies. These, in October 1939 became the Auxilary Military Pioneer Corps and a Labour Directorate was created to contrrol all labour matters. On November 22 the name was changed again to the Pioneer Corps.

Harold John Lock, who lived at 5 East Street, Bishop's Tawton, was born in 1898. He was amongst the first in the town to volunteer in 1914 and was finally accepted for military service when he reach the age of 17. He served as 267363 in the 1st/5th Battalion of the Gloucesters throughout the first war and survived. When he returned, he set himself up as a market gardener and built up a good business between the wars, supporting 3 other adult members of his family as well as himself. Again, he volunteered on the first day the second war broke out,  was accepted, given the rank of Sergeant and allocated to the newly formed Pioneer Regiment. His death, in hospital at Holderness, Yorkshire, in March 1942 at the age of 44, may have been from natural causes. No other information seems to be available.

2335296 Corporal Francis William Robert Tolley of the Royal Corps of Signals, 18th Division Signals. Son of Francis and Annie Tolley.Born in the December Quarter of 1919 in Barnstaple. Died 30 June 1943 aged 23 in Malaya .
Gunner William Henry Newcombe of the Royal Artillery. Son of Charles and Lucy Newcombe. Born in South Molton in 1916 in the September Quarter of 1916 . Died in the March Quarter of 1941 aged 25.
14618440 Private Robert John Smalldon of the Army Catering Corps, attached to the Royal Corps of Signals. Son of Robert and Ellen Smalldon of Bishop's Tawton. Born in Barnstaple in 1905. Died 23 February 1945 aged 39.



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