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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials



Allen, Sydney E., 7, Taw view,
Ayers, Raymond Jn., Woodstock,
Banes-Walker, Arthur Alexander, Truckelgate,
Barrow, Richard Henry, 5, Highfield ter.,
Batten, E. F., Downrew House
Beer, John., Sunnyside,
Bird, Rev. Arthur Henry. , High Cross,
Boutfield, Willliam, Glen Taw,
Brayley, Mrs., Sunnybank,
Brayley, Reginald., 5, South view,
Chichester, Charles, King's cottage.,
Chugg, Walter, 2, Highfield Terrace,
Cole, John. W., South View Bungalow,
Coleman, George John, Oatlands,
Comer, John., 4, Highfield Terrace,
Cooke, Ernest Harold, Hardwick House., Rosehill
Cope, Mrs., 2, Fairview,
Court, Frederick., Taw view,
Crang, John  P., 3, South view,
Davey, Mrs., Mount Pleasant,
Ford, Albert, The Bungalow, Chestwood,
Ford, William Thomas., Hill View,
Gilbert, Leslie, 1, Taw view,
Heppenstall, Philip George, Shalimar, Landkey rd.,
Hill, Geo. Stanley, The White  House, Landkey rd.,
Hill, Stanley H., 3, Fairview,
Howard, William Henry., 5, Chestwood villas,
Hutchings, William., 2, Suncroft,
Jenks, Mrs., Tawton House
Kelly, Charles John, , Burton Crescent.,
Lock, Arthur., 3, Taw view,
Lock, Henry Charles., Melbourne House.,
Manley, Mrs., 1, Garden Terrace
The Misses Millman, , Whitemoor Mill,
Morrish, Alfred. Jun., Rock villa.,
Morrish, Hy., 1, HighfieldTerrace
Morrish, John., Cranford,
Morrish,William Charles., Chestwood Villa,
Nicholas, Rev. Philip Leach, Vicarage,
Nutt, Frank, Thorncliffe House
Paskey, Miss, 6, Taw view,
Pickard, Percival., 6, Chestwood villas,
Pincombe, William., West View,
Pugsley, Mrs., 2, Taw View,
Rogers, Albert. J.Tawborough
The Misses Russell,, 5, Taw view,
Seatherton, John, 1, South view,
Sillifant, Mrs., 3, Chestwood villas,
Slee, Thomas. William., Bushen House
Smallridge, Thos. Dallyn, Holm Lea, Landkey rd.,
Smith, Frederick W., River Bend,
Squance, Ernest, Cellow cott.,
Steer, Henry., 7, Chestwood villas,
Taylor, Hubert, Westlee,
Taylor, Sydney, Glen view,
Thomas, Archbald, The Elms,
Tucker, Charles., 2, Chestwood villas,
Vickery, George., 4, Taw view,
Vincent, Basil W., Osborne ho.,
Ward, Peter, Chestwood House
Watts, Arthur., 2, Hill view,
Webb,John., Glen V illa,
Welsh, Percy T., 1, Suncroft,
Wigram, Mrs.,Mount Sandford, Landkey rd.,
Wonnacott, Mrs., Glenhaven,
Woodward, F. H., Astley, Rumsam, Rosehill,



Arthur, Herbert, farmer, Coddon
Baker, Thomas., poultry farmer, Windy Ash
Balman, Walter John., smallholder, Ford Gate,
Beer, Ernest Jn., rate collector & clerk to Parish Council, 3, Highfield Terrace,
Beer, Wm., post office/builder
Bidder, George Henry., farmer, Yeo Town,
Burge, Charles Edward smallholder, New House
Cameron, Miss Ellen May, district nurse, Newlands,
Chapple, Frederick., police constable, ,
Ayres, H., hon. sec., Conservative Association
Beer, Mrs. S. D., head mistress, Council School,
Facey, Mrs. L., shopkpr., ,
Ford & Lock, , grocers, ,
Ford,Henry., smallholder, Little Fisherton,
Ford, Mrs. Maud, board residence, Little Fisherton,
Heard, Joseph, farmer, Shilstone,
Holland, Miss Clara, market gardener, Little Pill,
Hookway, Frederick., farmer, Westacott,
Houle, John., farmer, Great Fisherton,
Huxtable, Cecil Georg., farmer, Emmetts,
Huxtable, Wmwilliam, farmer, Heaton Farm,
Isaac, Benjamin. & sons, butchers, ,
Jackman, Ernest, farmer, Upcott,
Jackman, Wm., farmer, Beara,
King, Arthur Henry., , Three Pigeons Inn,
Lea, Percy, market gardener, Osborne Gardens
Lock, Frank Godfrey, farmer, Cross farm,
Manning, Evan, farmer, Halmpstone Barton,
Marquess, William., farmer, Barton
Millman, Misses, farmer, Whitemoor Mill,
Morrish, Jn. & sons, Builders
Morrish, Charles., market gardener, 4, GardenTerrace
Oram, Philip, farmer, Whitemoor farm,
Parkhouse, Frank J., , Chichester Arms Public House
Pugsley, Charles Samuel., boot Repairs
Rogers, James William, boot repairer, 2, South view,
Scott, Frank, haulier, The Mills,
Sexon, Herbert., market gardener,
Skinner,William Charles, electrical. engineer, 1, Chestwood villas,
Smaldon, WIlliam. C., egg dir., Newbridge villa,
Smith, Herbert. E., farmer, Wellesley Barton,
Stanbury, Horace, farmer, Horswell lake,
Steer, Reginald., farmer, Broadmoor,
Taylor & Hill, ,Builders., Froglands,
Taylor, William, market gardener, New bridge,
Thomas & son,agricultural. implement makers
Thomas, Leonard, farmer, Woolstone,
Thorne, Norman F., farmer, Hill farm,
Tossell, Robert, poultry farmer, Horstone,
Verney Albert John., farmer, Overton,
Waldron, Edward., farmer, Court farm,
Waldron John, farmer, West Downrew & Hayse,
Westcott, & Courtnay, shopkeepers.,




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