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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials

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Thomas Mayne
John Rawle
Robert Taylder
William Meagoe
William  Rawle
John Thorne
Thomas Merefield
Robert Reede
Nicholas Thorne
Philip Merricke
Thomas Rendell
William Tiller
Anthony Moore sen
Henry Richards
John Triggs
Anthony Moore
John Richards
Richard Tripe
Christopher  Moore
Samuel Richards
John Upham
Edmund Moore
John Rogers
Anthony Uphill
John Moore
John Rogers
Hugh Uphill
John Moore
William Rogers
John Uphill
Simon Moore
John Rowe
John Vellacott
Thomas Moore
Benjamin Rowley
Brian Walter
Gilbert Morrish
John Rowley
Brian Walter jun.
Anthony Mychell
Roger Rowley
George Walter
John Norman
Thomas Rowley
William Walter
William Nychols
William Rowley
Arthur Warren
Bennet Oliver
Hugh Runsham
Henry Warren
James Oliver
Henry Sanders
John Warren
Nicholas Oliver
Henry Sanders
Nicholas Warren
Thomas Oliver
Henry Smyth
George Webber
William Oliver
John Sommer
George Webber
William Orchard
John Somerwell
Henry Westacott
Jenkin Owens
Nicholas Sowthwood
Henry Westacott
William Owens
Nicholas Stanbery
Hugh Westacott
Henry Palmeter
John Stephens
John Westacott
William Parker
Richard Stote
Richard Westacott
Richard Parkett
John Striblinge
Robert Westacott
John Pasmor
Davy Sutter
Anthony Whitfield
Edward Perry
Simon Sutter
Peter Whitfield
Davy Pile
Thomas Sutter
Roger Whitfield
Nicholas Pitton
Simon Sutter
Geoffrey Williams
Thomas Poope
Nathaniel Tamlen
George Willliams
Tristram Pitton 
James Tanner
Morgan Williams
Ralph Quicke
Mr Philip Tanner
Robert Williams
John Randell sen
Mr Thomas Tanner
William Yeo
John Randell jun
Thomas Tarr
Anthony Yolland
George Rawle
John Taylder


The above names are in the same  hand. The following nine are signatures.

Bartholomew Shapley - Vicar

Hugh Handford - Constable

John Vellacott - Constable

Anthony Moore Churchwarden

Henry Hammett - Churchwarden

William Rogers - Overseer

John Hillaway - Overseer

John Hamond - Overseer

Henry Hooper Overseer.


* For many centuries, Devon was divided into 32 administrative districts or Hundreds for land tax purpose.


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