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Black Torrington is a considerable village in the picturesque valley of the River Torridge, 5½ miles W by N of Hatherleigh. It has in its parish1252 soule and about 7300 acrfes of land, rishing in bold hills on the south, and including 400 acres of woodland, 708 acres of wastes and commons;the hamlets of  East and West Chilla, Middlecott and Gorford Ley and many acatteredhouses.


The manor has been held by the mayne, Zouch, Harris and other families, and is now the property of Lord Ashburton. Coham was for many generations, the property and seat of the Coham and now the property of W. B. Coham Esq. who occasionally  visits the ancient mansion, which is encompassed by fertile pastures and rich woodland.  The Risden, Hayne, Braund, Molesworth, Woolcombe and other families, have estates in the parish, mostly freehold.


The church has a tower and six bells and the living is a rectory. Lord Poklitomore is patron and the Rev. John Penlease is the incumbent but resides abroad. The Rectgory House is a commodious mansion with pleasant grounds and the glebe is 191 acres.


The baptists and Bible Christians have chapels in the village; and the latter have another at East Chilla, nearly 3 miles from the village. Here is a National School; and in 1849, John Daw Esq left a house and garden for the occupation of the master. West Chiolla Moor was enclosed in 1849, at the cost of only £108. Other commons are about to be enclosed.


In 1665Peter Speccott gave £180 to be  invested in land for the poor of Holsworthy andf Black Torrington.



John Braund, schoolmaster

Edward Chapman, maltster

Joseph Chapman, maltster

John Dart, blacksmith

James Gilbert, auctioneer, registrar and agent for the Naval Imsurance Co.

Richard Hockin victualler, the Pack Horse

James Osborne. viktualler, the Union Inn

Arthur  Owen, surgeon

The Misses Peacock, Gentlewomen

George S Risdon, corn miller. Haynes

James Vanstone, carpenter

Elizabeth Vanstone, Post office

Veake, Rev. Westcott Harris BA, curate


William Arscott

James Balsdon

John Balsdon

George Braund

|John Duffy

Mrs Duffy

James Gilbert, Coham House

Coham House

William Horn

John Horrell

Samuel Hunkin

John Hutchings

Samuel Hutchings

William Hutchings

Thomas Jeffery

John Johns

Thomas Johns

John Knight

Elias Leach

Robert Leach

Thomas Littlejohns

James Luxtgon

George Paige

John Parsons

James Quick

Joseph Risdon

James Rogers

James Scott

James Sparkes

John Squance

JH. Tanton, Totley

Anthony Tucker

John Walter

George Ward

Stephen Ward

Benjamin Woolridge

James Yelland


Samuel May

William Trott


William Chapman

William Hall


William Burley

George Davey.



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