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Hubert Barriball

was born in Tetcott circa 1892. He was the second son of Benjamin Barriball and his wife Annie.

In 1886 Benjamin Bariball married Annie Adams in Holsworthy. Benjamin was born in Tetcott and Annie in Ashwater The family lived in Tetcott until 1896 when they moved to Buckland Filleigh with the Hunt.  Benjamin was a kennel man and a groom.

In 1901 Benjamin and Annie were recorded in the Census at Barton House (this was one building -see Badcock  above - [now called Addiport] which was then divided into two dwellings)

Their children were John aged 14, Kate aged 11, Hubert aged 9, Ivy aged 7, Mary aged 5 and Frederick aged 3.  By 1911 two more children had been born  so there were 3 children left at home, Frederick aged 13, Rosie aged 9 and William aged 6. John, Hubert and Frederick went to fight and only John returned. Fortunately for the family William was too young.

Hubert Barriball was a Lance Corporal and served with the 2nd Battalion of the Duke of Edinburgh

(Wiltshire Regiment) (Army number 29841) He died of wounds received in Flanders 12/4/1917.

He is buried in the Bucquoy Road Cemetery Ficheux (1A12)


Frederick Victor Barriball

was baptised 7/8/1798 in Buckland Filleigh, the third son of Benjamin Barriball,  kennel man, and Annie of Barton Cottages. He was a private with the 4th Battalion the Worcestershire Regiment (army number 203187) He died of wounds received in Flanders on the 18/8/1917.

Frederick is buried in Donzingham Military Cemetery (Grave 1V C 5)

Alfred Badcock and Frederick Bariball were baptised on the same day. They lived next door to each other and attended Buckland Filleigh school together.They died a month apart in 1917.


[In March 1916 a Conscription Act came into force which lowered the age of recruits from 19 to 18.  As Alfred Badcock and Hubert Bariball would have been one or two months old when they were baptised in August 1798, they probably joined the Army circa  July 1816. An initial training period of perhaps 3 months means that they were sent overseas circa October 1816. At this time recruits went where they were most needed and could not choose to join a local Regiment.]


Samuel Glover

was born in Frithelstock circa 1897. In 1901 aged 4,  he was living with his parents William and Bessie, and three sisters in Specott cottage in Merton . William was an agricultural labourer.

William was born in Black Torrington and Elizabeth was born in Sheepwash. They  moved to Buckland Filleigh circa 1908. By 1911 the family was living in Grasscot farmhouse.

Samuel was then 14 years old. Grasscot farmhouse  was divided into 2 dwellings at this time. 

In 1911 William was a cattleman on the Estate. The couple had been married for 26 years and had 11 children, 4 of whom  died prior to 1911.

Samuel Glover Private ( Army Number 266569) served with the Devonshire Regiment. 

He was killed in Mesopatania (modern  Iraq)  23/7/1917.

He is buried in the Basra War Cemetery ( Grave 1V B 3)

Samuel was the same age as Alfred Badcock and Frank Barriball, and would have been conscripted as soon as he was 18. Grasscott farmhouse was only a short distance away from the Bartons along a farm track. These three boys all died within 3 months in 1917 and the other  two young men only a short time before and after.

The reality of the devastation the War caused in small communities such as Buckland Filleigh is shown by the stark facts of what happened to these three neighbouring families.  5 boys from 3 adjacent families who were well known to each other died far from home. In this remote  part of Devon the authorities contacted the Rector of Buckland Filleigh to inform him of the death of  these Parishioners and it was his task to visit the family with the news.





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