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Clist Hydon, or Clyst Hydon, a small village in the valley, near the source of the river Clyst, 4 miles S by E of Cullompton and 10 miles NE of Exeter, has in its parish 325 souls and 2725 acres of land, including several scattered farms and neat houses.


Mrs Huyshe is the lady of the manor of Clyst Hydon which was long held by the ancient family of Hidon. John Mathew Esq. is lord of the manor of Anke or Aunck, and has a handsome seat here called Ratcliff's House, encompassed by a woody lawn. He also owns Farrant Hayes, but a great part of the parish belongs to J. Pinsnet,; E. Wish; Mrs Drfew; J.R. Salter; A.T. Follett and several other freeholders.


The church (St Andrews) is a fine antique fabric, with a tower and five bells. It was repaired in 1836 and a gallery was erected in 1848, when a handsome stained glass window was inserted at the expense of John Matthew Esq. The rectory, is in the patronage of Mrs Harriet Huyshe and incumbency of the Rev. John Huyshe MA who has a good residence and 89 acres of glebe. The rent of a tenement, let for £5, is applied in repairing the church.


In 1667, Robert Hall DD, left to this parish two yearly rent-charges out of land at Okehampton, viz £15 for schooling poor children and £5 for binding them apprentice. In consequence of there being no demand, accumulations have taken place from time to time of the latter annuity, and there is now belonging to that branch of charity a cottage let for 30s and £100 three per cent consols. The poor have the interest of £50 left by the late Mr Henry Pratt of Broad Oak.


Burrow, John, smith and wheelwright

Eveleigh, Abraham, wheelwright

Hart, William, shoemaker

Hole, Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Hole William, carpenter

Huyshe, Rev. John MA, the Rectory

Matthew, John Esq, Ratcliff's House

Radford, Philip, tailor

Saunders, George MD, surgeon

Syms, Charles, schoolmaster

Symons, Henry, beerhouse

Thorne, William Coles, shoemaker


Baker, Thirza

Burrow John

Farfrant, John, Farrant Hayes

Helford, Robert

Pearse, William

Pratt, Richard, Broad Oak

Salter, Abraham

Salter, Charles

Syms, John

Tilke, William

Trump, William, Courtney's

Warren, Thomas

Wheaton, William

POST OFFICE at John Webber's. Letters despatched at 3.30 in the afternoon.


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