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Devon County

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Cockington 1939 War Memorial

The 1939 War Memorial in the Church

© Richard J. Brine


Civilian. Adelaide Mabel Baxter (née Parmenter) of Dornaford, Old Mill Road, Chelston. Daughter of Jacob and Naomi Parmenter and widow of Alexander L. Baxter. Born in the September Quarter of 1880 at Swaffham Prior Cambridgeshire. Died 4 September 1942 at Dornaford, Old Mill Road aged 63.
164183 Flying Officer Stanley Albert Bennett. Son of Thomas and Emily Bennett. Born in Plymouth in 1890. Died 2 August 1945 aged 55.
Civilian. Beatrice Mabel Bickford (née Burnard) of 26 Rosery Road, Chelston. Daughter of Elizabeth Burnard and widow of Stanley Bickford. Born in the March Quarter of 1893 at St. Teath. Died  4 September 1942 at 26 Rosery Road aged 49.
88687 Flight Lieut. Lancelot Spencer Dobson of the RAF VR, 248 Squadron. Son of William and Edith Dobson of Torquay.  Born in Torquay in 1915. Died 12 August 1944 aged 29.
Merchant Navy. Greaser Norman Christopher Draper of SS Lapwing. Son of Joseph and Louie; husband of Agnes Draper of Chelston.  Born in Torquay in 1903. Died 26 1941 agedd 29
285352 Lieut. Albert Edward Germain of the 12th Airborne Division of the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Albert and Ethel Germain; husband of Mollie Germain of Torquay. Born in Torquay in the March Quarter of 1918. Died 26 September 1941 aged 26.
Civilian. Florence Catherine Gillard of 27 Rosery Road, Chelston. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Evans, of 105 Ystrad Road, Ystrad, Glamorgan and wife of Reginald John Gillard. Born in the September Quarter of 1904.  Died 4 September 1942 at 27 Rosery Road aged 38.
Merchant Navy. 1st Radio Officer Ivor Hoare of the SS Marcella. Son of Albert and Lily Hoare of Chelston. Born in Torquay in 1921. Died 13 Masrch 1943 aged 22 from a direct U-boat hit..
Civilian. Charles Henry Horswill of 29 Rosery Road, Torquay, Devon. Husband of Emmie Horswill. Born in the Totnes Registration District in the September Quarter of 1863. Taken to a neurological unit at Stapleton, Bristol on 4 September 1942 where he died 17 January 1943 . His death certificate gives his age as 83, but CWGC gives it as  69. 
569345 Sergeant Francis Kelly, Flight Engineer. RAF 107 Squadron. Son of Francis and Winifred Kelly of Chelston. Born in Torquay in 1920. Died 11 February 1943 aged 23.
523561 Flight Sergeant/Wireless Operator/Air Gunner Geoffrey Edward Lang of the RAF, 107 Squadron. Son of Albert and Emmily Lang of Torquay; husbnad of Georgina Lang of Torquay. Born in Toquay in 1912.  Died 28 May 1940 aged 28.
D/JX 419237 Able Seaman Frederick Geogre Maeers of the Royal Navy, HMS Warwick. Son of Frederick and Thurza Maeers of Chalston. Born in Paignton 5 September 1925.  Died 20 February 1944 aged 19.
124457 Flying Officer Howard Mappin of the RAF VR, 83 Squadron. Son of Horace and Ivy Mappin of Torquay. Born in Torquay in 1912. Died 22 June 1943 aged 22.
Edward Martin is another of the elderly men who saw an opportunity to serve once again when war broke out in 1939. He was born in  Lifton on 19 May 1888 and joined the Royal Navy as a youngster becoming a Stoker 1st Class. He somehow survived the 1st War. With the Normandy landings in June 1944, there was a great deal of naval activity across the channel and Edward volunteered his services on the old Naval one-sailing basis. The Admiralty took him on and sent him to a paddle minesweeper called the Queen of Thanet  with the task of bringing back wounded men from the beaches of France. He died in June 1944 aged 56.
2663595  Guardsman Frederick John Harry Martin of the Coldstream Guards. Son of Frederick and Eda Martin. Born in Torquay in 1910. Died 3 August 1944 aged 34.
14377767 Private William Thomas Parsons of the 1st Battalion , the King's Shropshire Light Infantry. Son of William and Emma Parsons of Chelston. Born in Torquay in 1925. Died 9 January 1945 aged 20.
151608 Flying Officer Howard Polkinghorne of the RAF VR, 622 Squadron.  Son of Howard and Rebecca Polkinghorne of Chelston. Born in Chelston in 1921. Died 9 July 1944 aged 23.
PLY/X 107839 Marine Edward Ernest Richard of the Royal Marine Light Infantry. Son of Percy Archibald and Edith Scott. Born in Torquay in the  March Quarter of 1925. Died 23 October 1943 aged 18. 
D/RX 94321 Stoker 1st Class Alfred Derrick Vincent of the Royal Navy. HMS Goucester. Son of John and Helen Vincent of Torquay. Born in Torquay in the December Quarter of 1920. Died 22 May 1941 aged 21.
132761 Flying Officer/Pilot Frank Hugh Warburton of the RAF VR. Son of Frederick and Emma Warburton; husband of Mary Warburton of Exeter. Born in Torquay in 1914. Died 28 May 1943 aged 29. Buried in Torquay Cemetery.
Lance Bombardier Frederick George Wellington of the 10th (Torbay) Battalion, the Home  Guard. Husband  of Edith Wellington of Chelston. Born in Torquay in the June Quarter of 1896. Died during the Corbyn's Head Home Guard incident  on  the 11 August 1944 aged 48.
D/230707 AB Harold Henry Wills of the Royal Navy, HMS Courageous.  Son of Richard and Mary Wills. Born in Chelston in the March Quarter of 1888. Died 17 September 1939 aged 51.


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