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(The Hamlets of Penny Moor, Way and Yedbury are included)

Cruwys Morchard is a very scattered parish, about 6 miles west of Tiverton Railway Station and 9 from Crediton, containing 5766 acres of land and a population in 1851 of 732 inhabitants. Tiverton is the polling place and the number of voters in 1857 was 42.

The Rev. G. S. Cruwys is lord of the manor and patron of the living. The family of Cruwys are of a very ancient origin. Risdon says they had their dwelling here in the reign of Henry I, of which race there were many knights. Robert Cruwys was knighted in France for valiant services in the reign of Edward III. The present descendent resided at Cruwys Morchard Court, which has been enlarged and improved; the original mansion was erected in 1199. The Rev. gentleman is the largest landowner but James Tanner Esq., Messrs Thomas and William Lake, William Ayre, John Waller sen., Thomas Strong, George and Thomas Webber, J. Kelland and a few others have estates here.

The village of Penny Moor is about a mile from the church and the small hamlet of Way is about 2 miles.

The church (Holy Cross) is an ancient structure with a massive tower and 6 bells. A finely-carved oak screen divides the nave and the chancel; it also contains handsome memorial and other windows of painted glass. the living is a Rectory, valued in the King's book at £21. 11s. 8d. Rev. G. S. Cruwys, Rector; Rev. R. Laurie, Curate; Mr. W. Davie, Clerk.

The Congregationalists have places of worship at Penny Moor and Way but no stated ministers.

The National School was built through the munificence of the Rector in 1844 for the accommodation of about 50 children. Miss Margaret Porter, Mistress.

The Charities are few, and are dispersed in accordance with the wishes of the donors.


Holy Cross Church, Cruwys Morchard

Holy Cross Church, Cruwys Morchard

©Richard J. Brine



Cruwys, Rev. George Sharland MA Rector, Cruwys Court

Laurie, Rev. Richard BA, Curate, Parsonage

Bellamy, John, farmer, Northcott

Beedell, Henry, farmer, Ford

Beedell, James, farmer, Park

Beedell, John, farmer, Parsonage, Pullsard's & Moorhays

Beedell, Thomas, farmer, South Ford

Besley, James, shopkeeper, Tongue

Bodley, Edward, wheelwright, Mount Pleasant

Bodley, Thomas, farmer, Week & Little Park

Britton, Samuel, famer, Woodplace

Cornall, Richard, farmer, Filt Napp

Davie, William, shoemaker & Parish Clerk

Drew, William, farmer, Dipford

Ellis, James, farmer, Little Comfort

Elworthy, George, farmer, Kelly's

Gooding, John, carpenter, Windmill

Gooding, William, carpenter, Higher Vulscombe

Greenslade, George, blacksmith, Mount Pleasant

Griffin, Edward, farmer, Gogland & Springhay

Griffin, John, farmer, Springhay

Guscott, John, jun. carpenter, South Moor

Hewish, Elizabeth, victualler, Mount Pleasant Inn

Hunt, John, mason & farmer, Lower Vulscombe

Keen, James, farmer, Stubborn

Kelland, John, farmer, East Ruckham & South Linney

Kenshole, Henry, dairyman, Eastland

Kelland, Lydia Phoebe, farmer, Stockridge, Wortball and Ufferland

Lake, William, farmer, Edgeworthy, Radaford & Pultiswar

Maunder, John, farmer, Furze

Meechem, Joseph, farmer, Mount Villa Cottage

Moorish, Richard, farmer, Higher Vulscombe

Pook, William, farmer, Down

Pope, John, shopkeeper & blacksmith, Windmill

Pope, Henry, blacksmith, Windmill

Porter, Margaret, schoolmistress

Quick, James, farmer, Beer

Radford, John, carpenter & farmer, Little Moor

Raymont, John, farmer, Fork

Rice, William, farmer, Lugsland

Smale, William, farmer, Chapple

Stephens, James, farmer, Hill & Eastland

Stoneman, James, farmer, Higher & Middle Clow

Strong, Thomas, farmer, Little Heath

Tidboald, John, farmer, Lithyland

Tidboald, William, farmer, West Ruckham

Voysey, William, miller, Manor Mill

Waller, John, sen.farmer, Hookway & Crandle

Waller, John, farmer, Coombland

Webber, George, farmer, West Wringsland

Webber, Thomas, farmer, West Wringsland

White, John, farmer, Thorne


Bodley, Mr. John

Bennett, William, dairyman

Delve, William, tailor

Dunn, William, shoemaker, Penny Moor

Greenslade, Thomas, wheelwright & carpenter

Pope, Richard, victualler & Blacksmith, Cruwys Arms

Roberts, Lucy, dressmaker

Vicary, William, thatcher

Wood, Thomas, shoemaker & shopkeeper, New Cottage


Badcock, George, East & West Way

Hunt, John, butcher

Radford, James sen., farmer, South East Way

Radford, James, jun. farmer, Middle Way

Radford, William, farmer, South Way.


Hunt, William, farmer, Higher Yedbury

Thorne, John, farmer, Lower Yedbury

Thorne, Thomas, farmer, Yedbury Hill

Post office - Penny Moor - Mr. John Wood, sub-master.

Arrival 10.40 am; despatch 4pm.

Tiverton is the nearest Money Order Office.


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