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By the end of 1640, King Charles I had become very unpopular.  Parliament forced him to make changes in the Constitution which gave them a bigger say in how the country was governed. From then on, Parliament was split into two factions - Royalists (Cavaliers) who supported the King and Parliamentarians (Roundheads) who wanted political and religious reform.


On 3 May 1641, every Member of the House of Commons was ordered to make a declaration of loyalty to the crown. This was ratified next day by the House of Lords. They called it their Protestation against " an arbitrarie and tyrannical government" and another order was made that every Rector, Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor had to appear in person before the JPs in their Hundred to make this Protestation Oath in person. It was to  be a declaration of their belief in the" Protestant religion, allegiance to the King and support for the rights and privileges of Parliament".


They then had to go back home to their own parish where any two of them were to require the same oath of allegiance from all males over the age of 18. The names of all who refused to make the oath were to be noted and assumed to be Catholics.


We have, in the Devon Protestation Returns, a set of amazing documents - something akin to a census even though no women or children are named.  A transcription is available in the West Country Studies Library in Exeter.


The Protestation Returns are arranged by parish.and grouped in Hundreds*

The parish of Culmstock belonged to the Hundred of Hemyock

The original spelling has been retained

John Amery William Fry Thomas Peace
Henry Amey Nowell Gauge William Pease
John Amey Richard Giles John Perry
Robert Amry Thomas Gill Robert Perry
Edward Andre Edmund Gillier Walter Perry
Edward Axsheird Philip Gold John Poner
Bartholomew Baker Robert Goodinge Anthony Pooke
Christopher Baker James Goold Thomas Pooke
John Baker William Greenewood Thomas Poole
John Baker Edward Greenslad Baldwin Potter
John Baker Hugh Gregory George Potter
Abraham Band Nicholas Grenslade Humphrey Potter
Nicholas Band Peter Haddon John Potter
Thomas Band Richard Haris John Potter
William Band George Harisse Nicholas Potter
Andrew Barby John Harle Thomas Potter
John Barby Henry Hawley Walter Potter
Nicholas barby Francis Hazell John Povall
John Bartlett John Heart Moses Purchase
John Bawdon Rife Henry John Pym
Anthony Bayly Edward Hill Francis Radford
Richard Beedle William Hill George Radford
Edmund Bishop Thomas Hoile George Radford
Henry Bishop Edward Holwill Alexande Rafe
John Bishop John Hooper Michael Rafed
William Blackmore William Horwood George Raffes
Nicholas Bowbeerd Henry How Michael Rasell
James Bpwerman John How Nicholas Raw
William Bowerman David Hoyle John Rewe
Edward Bowin Silvester Huckeley William Richards
Richard Bowin William Huckis John Roberts
Anthony Bray Thomas Hurley William Roch
Anthony Bray William Jinkin Andrew Row
Arthur Breges Mark Joanes Andrew Row
John Brier Thomas Jordan John Row
Robert Brocknell John Jurdan John Row
William Broune John Knowman John Row
Richard Browen Peter Knowman Philip Row
Daniel Browne Peter Knowman Richard Row
John Browne William Knowman Peter Rowe
Laurence Browne Edward Lane Edward Rowland
William Brownen Robert Leaman Nicholas Rowland
Thomas Bunckham Henry Lee Hugh Searle
Henry Butson Thomas Legge Thomas Seaves
Charles Butt Thomas Lemon William Shattocke
Andrew Byshop Thomas Lippincot Henry Silvester
Robert Byshop John Lippingcot John Slape
John Can John Locke William Sleaman
John Chadsey William Lockier Joseph Slegward
Robert Chadsey Thomas London John Smith
William Chadsey William London Robert Smyth
William Chadsey Edward Long Thomas Son
Ambrose Chambers John Lovell James Southwod
John Chambers Henry Luppingcot Geoffrey Southwood
William Chambers John Maldram John Southwood
Paul Chapeman John Maldram John Southwood
George Chapeman John Mander Laurence Swothey
George Chaple John Mander Edward Sowtrey
Nicholas Chase John Mander Walter Starke
Peter Chase John Maning John Starke
William Chase Robert Maning William Starke
John Cherriton William Maning Robert Ston
Richard Cherriton Robert Maninge George Stooke
John Churley Edward Maninge Robert Stowe
Robert Churley Henry Maninge William Stradlinge
John Cleake James Maninge John Stuckey
Thomas Cleake James Maninge Edward Tafe
John Clist Nicholas Maninge Edward Tammas
Roger Clod Samuel Mansill John Tammas
Timothy Coleman Edward Mapeldoram Thomas Tammas
Henry Collier Robert Marshall William Tammas
John Collier John Mutter William Tapfoot
John Collier Thomas Meare Richard Tapscot
Richard Collier George Melhuish Humphrey Tapscott
Walter Collier Francis Milles William Tapscott
Raynell Cooke Copstone Minephe Edmund Taylor
Richard Coole Roger Minesee Edward Thomas
Nathaniel Coramb Thomas Mogridge Richard Thomas
Thomas Corle Edward Monday Thomas Timull
George Corman John Monder Even Towillon
Philip Corrocke John More Alexander Towning
James Corum John Mowell Edward Trapnell
Henry Crosse Anthony Musgeare Robert Trapnell
John Crosse Philip Musgrave John Tremaine
Edward Davy Philip Musgrow William Tricker
Henry Davy Thomas Muzgrow Chrstopher Trickey
Jon Davy Henry Naile Francis Walter
John Davy John Newman Hugh Walter
Robert Davy John Newton  John Washbeerd
William Davy John Newton John Weare
John Doble Thomas Norcote John Weare
Henry Double Edward Norman Edward Webber
JOhn Dowble William Norman Humphrey Webber
Thomas Dowdney John Northall John Whitenow
Roger Drew John Northall Roger Whitterow
John Duvell Robert Oland Richard Whitteye
Richard Evelley Augustine Orsborne Richard Williams
John Farmer John Osement John Wilson
Nicholas Flay Humphrey Osemond Nathaniel Wilson
Aaron Flood Antony Otway William Wilton
John Flood John Otway John Wine
William Foorward John Otway Alexander Wood
Michael Forrester Richard Otway Edward Wood
George Fox William Otway James Wood
Edward Fry Tristram Page Nicholas Wood
John Fry George Parker Robert Wood
Nicholas Fry Thomas Parker Robert Wreight
Nicholas Fry Nicholas Parsons John Wyne
Richard Fry Thomas Pasmore Thomas Wyne

(The following nine names are signatures)

Augustine Osborne - Vicar

Nicholas Chase - Constable

John Whittrowe - Constable

James Southwood - Churchwarden

Nicholas Barbey - Churchwarden

Anthony Pooke - Overseer

Edward Norman - Overseer

Alexander Quant - Overseer

John Ward - Overseer

* For many centuries, Devon was divided into 32 administrative districts or Hundreds for land tax purpose.


Taken from the transcription by A. J. Howard published in 1973 which is available in the West Country Studies Library, Exeter.                                                                                                              Courtesy: Devon County Council


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