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The Dalwood War Memorial

Dalwood 1914 - 1918 War Memorial

© Richard J. Brine


3711 Rifleman Reginald Percy Bennett of the 8th Battalion , the London Regiment (The Post Office Rifles). Parents not known. Born in London in 1899. Died 29 January 1916 at home in Poole, Dorset. Buried in Longfleet Churchyard, Poole.
66441 Private Maurice Britton Bennett of the Royal Army Medical Corps. Son of George and Anna (Hannah) Bishop. Born in Dalwood in the June Quarter of 1896. Died of wounds 10 January 1916 at home aged 20.
formerly 18914 Private John Davey of the Army Service Corps  who was the son of Emanuel and Mary  Davey and the brother of Michael (see below). Below is  his military career according to his surviving records:

In January 1902 he joined the Army Service Corps on a 12-year contract. Initially he was sent to Aldershot for training but on 17 January 1907 he was medically discharged on the grounds that his speech was rendered  incomprehensible by nasal polyps. He was eventually medically discharged from the army having served 8 years of his original contract. However he was placed on the Reserve List and on 11 December 1915 was re-accepted into the army, this time as a Driver in the Royal Engineers. Once again the problem of his speech came up and he was sent to a series of hospitals for assessment and this time his mental state was also closely observed.  Finally, on 15 October 1917, he was sent home again, this time on the grounds that his mental state and his inability to make himself understood through speech made him unsuitable for army life. This time, he did not return to Dalwood but was found a job as a smith's stirker in Redruth, Cornwall. The family had died out in Dalwood and probably an assumption was made in the village that he had been killed fighting in the war. He died in Redruth at the age of 44 in the September Quarter of 1931.


65346 Private Charles Davey of the 1st Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of James and Mary Ann Davey; husband of Ellen Davey; brother of John (see above). Born in Dalwood in 1899. Died 6 November 1917 aged 18.
9890 Private Michael Davey of the 9th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment.  Son of Emanuel and Mary Davey. Born in Dalwood in 1896. Died 8 October 1918 aged 21.
30513 Private Walter Davey of the 8th Battalion, the King's Own Royal Lancashire Regiment. Son of Thomas and Hannah Davey. Born in Dalwood in 1879. Died 26 September 1817 aged 38.
35262 Private Walter Leonard Driscoll of the 2nd Battalion, the Duke of Edinburgh's Regiment. Son of William and Elizabeth Driscoll. Born in Dalwood in 1900. Died 5 June 1918 aged 17.
66836 Private  Britton John Edwards of the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Parents not known. Grandson of John Rymond of Rose Farm Stockland. Born in Dalwood in 1883. Died 27 May 1918 aged 35.
51168 Lance Corporal Fred Hoare of the 22nd Battalion, the Welsh Regiment; transferred to the labour Corps as 492876. Son of Mr and Mrs K. H. Hoare of The Poplars, Dalwood. Born in Membury in 1891. Died 25 September 1918 aged 27. Buried in St Peter's Churchyard, Dalwood.
140536 Private Frederick James Hurford of the Machine Gun Infantry; formerly 23732 of the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Robert and Rhoda Hurford. Born in Buckerell in 1887 but lived in Honiton. Died 25 March 1918 aged 31.
20601 Private Heber Loveridge of the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of John and Catherine Loveridge. Born in Stockland in 1888. Died 1 July 1916 aged 28
44206 Corporal Frederick Pratt of the 16th Battalion, the Royal Irish Rifles; formerly 4723 of the London Regiment. Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Pratt. Born in Bude, Cornwall in 1895. Died 5 October 1918 aged 23.
10027 Private Colin Rupert Symons Parrett of "D" Coy, 5th Battalion, the Dorset Regiment. Son of Thomas and Zoe Parrett of Millwater House, Dalwood. Born in Membury in 1895. Died 21 August 1915 aged 20.
G/32398 Private Henry Sweetland of the 23rd Battalion, the Duke of Cambridge's Own. Son of Joseph and Sarah Jane Sweetland. Born in Dalwood Devon in 1881. Died 24 March 1918 aged 37.
202409 Private Fred Trim of the 1st/9th Battalion, the Middlesex Regiment. Son of George and the late Maria Trim of Dalwood. Born in Shute in the March Quarter of 1895. Died 30 August 1918 aged 23.
16016 Private Arthur Frederick Dommett of the 2nd Battalion, the Dorsetshire Regiment; formerly 10049, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of John and Elizabeth Dommett. Born in Dalwood in 1891. Died 1 May 1916 aged 25.


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