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reproduced by kind permission of John Wood,   to whom all queries should be addressed at:


Kingswear photographed from the Lower Ferry in Dartmouth in 1910

Kingswear phtographed from the Lower Ferry departure jetty in 1910. On the left, just coming into view is the old Lower Ferry with a horse waiting patiently to reach the other side - sadly - it's not possible to see the vehicle he is pulling.

To the left of the fishing smack on the far side is the Great Western Hotel where pasengers used to wait for the foot ferry to Dartmouth. And almost directly behind it is Kingswear Church.


There will be many who, at first glance of this picture, will say "Well, it all looks just the same as it does today". And it is and yet it isn't the same. Just look at the difference the invention of digital cameras has made to the quality of the photo.

And just look at how many green fields have been covered by housing since 1910 but we were surprised to see just how many of the 1910 houses are still there. There are other old landmarks to be seen, starting with the Great Western Railway's jetty which was the Kingswear station but not the end of the line. You could book through to Dartmouth, then get on a passenger ferry using your railway ticket. This ferry took you to a jetty on the Dartmouth side on which the GWR had built one of their proper stations (now a restaurant), complete with amenities such as a ladies' waiting room and a left luggage office but without a railway track or a train.


Kingswear photographed from the Lower Ferry jetty in 2008

Richard took this modern photo so that you cannot see the steam trains that still run to Kingswear and if you visit, you can take a ride on one. The train is lovely and comes complete with a Pulman viewing car  - a must to enjoy this beautiful line to the full! The Great Western Hotel (on the waterside at the centre of this picture) is still going strong but begins to look its age.

Kingswear church with its dark grey stone walls is hidden away at the back of the hotel to its left.


Kingswear station
The Great Western Railway may have been disbanded but its trains are still waiting for passengers on Kingswear Station



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