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Heavitree Parochial Boys' School

Heavitree Parochial Boys' and Girks' Schools

The School was  built on a plot of land in South Lawn Terrace, Heavitree, donated by Augustus Frederick George Warwick, Baron Poltimore, to St Michael's church, Heavitree, for the building of a school. Internally, the building was divided in two, each half having a separate entrance. Similarly, the external plot was divided with separate play areas so, at school, boys and girls never met. A pair of semi detached houses were provided for the Head teachers (on the left).


At Heavitree Parochial Boys' School in December 1910, the prizes were presented by Mr. J., Parsons, the Rev, T, J, Ponting (Vicar of Heavitree) and Miss Ponting being also present. In his Annual Report, the head master stated that the work of the school during the year had been very satisfactory. Shorthand hade been taught in Standards 5, 6 and 7 with good results and recently, paper folding had been introduced.

Eighteen boys had made perfect attendances and 68boys had over 96 per cent of marks. Sunday School Treats were the cause of failures to get perfect attandance in the case of no less than 20 cases. The attendance generally had  been good and the average for the year is exactly equal to the accommodation. available.


For general work, the prizes were:

Standard VII: Harold Dyer; Reginald Shears.

Standard VI: Albert Potter, Reginald Warren; Charles Evans; William Coombes

Standard V: Frank Yeo; Alfred Madge; Maurice Davey; Christopher Oxenham; Edward Bunker; William Pidgeon.

Standard IV: Edgar Dyer; Stanley Darch; John Pidgeon; Charles Watts; John Ford.

Standard III: John Matthews; Fred Morcom; Sid Pitman; Fred Kelley

Standard II: William preston; Ernest Pike; Albert Parker; Frank Longford.

Standard I: William Chapman; Wilfred Carr; Fred Forest; Harry Morcom; Cyril Milford.


The 18 boys who made perfect attendances are:P

Harold Dyer; Reginald Shears; William Coombes; Reginald Warren; Richard Aggett; Reginald Brown; Edward Bunker; Charles Oxenham; Walter Coombes; James Batten; William Roach; Ernest Coombes; Frederick Vicary, Buller Mehuish; Edwrad Mortimore; Leonard Shilston; Leonard Carter and Arthur Carter.


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