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THE MAYOR'S CUP for the  best total in four out of five shoots: Colour Sergeant Roberts of "A" Company: 318 points


THE SHERRIFF'S CUP - competition restricted to non-winners of £3 10s since November 1st 1881, for the best total in four out of five shoots: Private Cameron "B" Company. 3130 points.


THE GREATWOOD BATTALION CHALLENGE CUP and £3 for the highest scorer, with five shots at 200, 500 and 600 yards: Sergeant Salter "B" Company. 66 points.

THE ANNUAL PRIZES - Class A - seven shots at 200, 500 and 600 yards:

1st: Colour Sergeant Roberts, "A" Company. The Ladies' Prize - a Chippendale Cabinet ( and £2 5s Battalion Prize). 92

2nd: Private Rowe, "C" Company. The Officer's Prize - a Cheffonier* ( and £1 15s Battalion Prize). 90

3rd: Private Cameron, "B" Company. Mrs. Thornton West's Prize - a microscope (and £2 Battalion Prize). 89

4th: Sergeant Salter, "B" Company. Silver Spoons. 87

5th: Sergeant Dickens, "D" Company. Clock (and 10s Battalion Prize.) 87

6th: Private Pearce, "B" Company. Mr. Albert Johnson's Prize - a Gold Albert watch. 86.

7th: Corporal Ridge, "D" Company, The Hon. H. S. Northcote's Prize - a Gold Albert watch (and £1 7s 6d Battalion prize.) 86.

8th: Private Mudge, "A" Company, a Martini - Henri Rifle. 86

9th: Lieutenant Shorto, "B" Company, Silver spoons (and £1. 1s Battalion Prize). 86

10th: Private Gratwicke, "A" Company, Silver Sppopns. 85

11th: Band-Sergeant Palmer, "B" Company, Biscuit Box.  85

12th: Corporal Sanders, "A" Company, Cut glass water jug ( and 10s Battalion Prize). 85

13th: Private Browning, "B" Company, Watch (and 10s Battalion Prize). 84

14th: Colour Sergeant Hosgood, "D" Company, Clock (and 15s Battalion Prize). 84

15th: Corporal Snow, "C" Company, Egg Stand,. 84

16th: Private Gould, "B" Company, Opera Glasses ( and 15s Battalion Prize). 83

17th: Corporal Bugler Cox, "A" Company, The Devon & Somerset Stores Prize (and 10s Battalion Prize). 83

18th: Private A. J. Martin, "A" Company, Cruet presented by Mr. Hart. 83

19th: Private Eales: "A" Company. Inkstand presented by Mr. Towell. 83

20th: Private Blatchford, "C" Company, Clock presented by Mr. Lisle. 82


At this point, Mrs. Naper retired from her presenter role and Colonel Freemantle took over. The next batch of prizes were for members who had never won a prize previously and for new recruits. The set task was to fire seven shots at 200 and 500 yards - highest score prize winning score was 52 and the lowest 30.


For their achievements, these winners received walking sticks, waistcoats, teapots, dressing cases, butter coolers,  cuff links, hats, photograph albums, jam dishes, lambs, sets of carvers, , money, sugar basins, silver chains and pipes. There were categories for honorary members and men who lived in Exeter mainly featuring spoons, desert forks and inkstands as prizes. And just in case those who were poor shots felt left out, there were prizes for Drill - pencil cases, cruets and jam servers for all. It seems that everyone took something home.

Lieutenant Colonel Walrond then presented three cups to the Companies with the highest aggregate scores for shooting. Mr. Northcote proposed a vote of thanks to the distributors of prizes and finally 

"Bayonet exercises, under the command of Sergeant-Major Furneaux and demonstrations of signalling with flags in the field by members of the Army Signalling Class followed, after which the floor was cleared for dancing to the music of the Battalion Band under the direction of Mr. James."



*A small sideboard with cupboards - called either "Chiffonier" or "Cheffonier".


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