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Migratory Dairy Schools were set up in Devon in 1893. They aimed to  improve the quality of butter (at that time made, not under factory conditions, but on the farm) and to generally foster an improvement in the handling of all milk products such as Clotted Cream and cheese and to set  standards for better hygiene in milk production throughout the County.  This continued until the 1930s by which time, the hazards of milk production were far better understood. Each class consisted of 12 students, plus 2 female Instructresses known as CDI's (ie. County Dairy Instructresses) , and a young man to do all the heavy lifting involved (and there was plenty of that). Men were never considered for Instructor's posts because the dairy was still considered a woman's prerogative and anyway, this was considered by men to be domestic work. The students were, in the main, farmer's daughters in their late teens or early twenties and the School was quite popular because those who won prizes displayed their talents at the County Show each year. Great kudos was attached to this training by the local  farming community.



From the local newspaper

June 1898

" The Migratory Dairy School held on Monday June 13th 1898  at Halberton, was a competition in butter-making, open to those who had gained first and second prizes in the various schools which had been held in the Tiverton District since October 1897.

Messrs J. G. Pedler and H. Pearce who had a great deal to do with getting up the competition, acted as stewards; and Mr A. H. Whipple M.A. B.Sc., Staff instructor to the Devon County Council, acted as judge. The results of the competition and the marks gained (Maximum 80)  were as follows:


1st Class

*Miss Tristram  of Burlescombe77

*Miss Pearce of Uplowman 76½

*Miss Vickery of Hockworthy 76

Miss A. Cooke,of Kentisbeare 75

Miss Pedlar of Sampford Peverell 74

Miss Forgan of Hockworthy 74

Miss Melhuish of Kentisbeare 73½

Miss Archer of Sampford Peverell 72½

Miss Carter of Sampford Peverell  69.

2nd Class

*Miss R. Durman of Uplowman 78½

*Mrs James of Uplowman 77

*Miss R. Taylor of Burlescombe 76½

Miss C. Baker of Kentisbeare 76

Mr Archer of Sampford Peverell 74½

Miss A. Were of Halberton 74

Miss E. Sanders of Kentisbeare 73

* denotes candidates who  have qualified to take part in the final stage.


1st Prize (£2) Miss Durman 79

2nd Prize (£1) Miss Tristram 77

3rd Prize (15 shillings each)

Miss Pearce 76½ and Mrs James (76½)

4th Prize (8s 6d each)

Miss C. Baker 76 and Miss Vickery 76

5th Prize (5 shillings) Miss R. Taylor 75½




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