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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials





Mr. Henry Ayres, Fourways House

Henry John Baker, Station master

Mary Barton, farmer, Castle Farm

George Barton jnr, farmer, Castle Cottage

Arthur Thomas Baxter, schoolmaster

John Billing, dairyman, Millhayes

W. Blackmore, evangelist, Coombe

John Blackmore, farmer, Culmbridge

Miss Ann Blackmore, Rosemount

James Burford, farmer, Ashculm

Thomas Buttle, miller, Castle Hill

Ben Cattel, farmer. Deepsellick

Thomas Chick, mason, Castle Hill

George Clist, yeoman, Churchills

John Clist, farmer and factory manager, Mountshayne

Eli Clist, taylor, Station Road

John M. Cload carpenter, the Railway Inn

James Cload, Cornhill

James Cload, carpenter, Passby

Robert Cook, dairyman, Brownings

William Cottrell, builder, High Street

James Davy, foreman, Whitehall Mill

William Doble, farmer, Madford

John Doble. dairynman, Madford

Henry Ellis, farmer, Shuttleton Farm

Samuel Ewens, Castle Hill

John Farrant, farmer, New House

Edward Farrant, farmer, New House

Henry Farrant, farmer, Westown

William Farrant, yeoman, Lemon's Hill

William Farrant, yeoman, Lugg's Farm

James Flay, dairyman, Strait Ash

Alice Forbear, farmer, Mackham

Rev, Thomas Griffiths, Madford

James gammon, blacksmith, Rose Cottage

John Gardener, dairyman, Whitehams

William Hall, bootmaker, Cornhill

William Hill, bootmaker, Cornhill

William Hill, farmer, Culmbridge

Charles Hart,builder, Pencross

James Hart, builder, Coombe Hill

JOhn Hart, builder, Brownheath

John hart, builder, Station Road

Thomas Hill, veterinary surgeon, High Street

John F. Hine, farmer, Culmbridge

Mary Hine, post miostress

Mrs F,H Hines, Jewells

Robert Honiball, farmer, Gorwell

Robert Hookway, carpenter, Whitehall

E. Hurchings, farmer, Goodalls

John James, farmer, Blackaller

John James, farmer, Sidwell's farm

Jane Jennings, farmer, Sweethogshays

John Lane, blacksmith, Star Inn

Jane Lawrence, Pencross Villa

James Lorimer, farmer, Tan House

Edward Lutley, farmer , Secretary of Culm Valley Dairy Co,

Anna Lutley, farmer, Chapel Farm, Culmdavy

William Luxton, farmer and dealer

J. Matthews, farmer, Madford Farm

M. Matthews, farmer, Burrow Hill Farm

John Maynard, farmer and Director, Pencross

William Melhuish, farmer, Holcombe House

Mark Moore, carpenter, Pounds House

Charles Morgan, dairyman, Byes

Thomas Morgan, farmer, Oxenpark

George Morris, farmer, Whitemoor.

James Mortimer, farmer and butcher, Kellands

James Pike, dairyman, Moorhayes

Rev. E. W. L. Popham, The Rectory

Mrs. Jemima Pring, Tedborough House

John Purchase, dairyman, Clement's farm

George reed, farmer, Pithayne

George Salter, farmer, Ellis's farm

R. Salter, mason, High Street

William Sanders, farmer, Thornewater

James Sweetland, farm bailiff, Simonsborough

Henry Talbot, farmer, Ashculme

Thomas Talbot, farmer., Highwood

Farncis Tancock, farmer, Windsor Farm

George Taylor, dairyman, Highwoods

John Tancock, farmer, Newton

James Thomas, farmer, Culmdavy

Robert Thomas, farmer, Congar

Henry Grey Thornton, Culmdavy House

Charles Blake Twose, farmer, Symonsborough

Mary Valentine, farmer, Colemans

Robert Vincent jun, farmer, Alexanderhayes

Mark Warren, farmer, New Culmpine

William Welland, dairyman, Westown

George White, miller and Corn Merchant, Manor House, Whitehall

The Misses S & A White, High Street

Edwin Wide, baker & confectioner, High Street

James Wide, The Square

A  Wide & Co, grocers & drapers, The Stores

John Wide, tailor, grocer etc.  The Square

Samuel Wooley, innkeeper, Culm Valley Hotel


James Ackland, labourer

Wiolliam Ackland, engine driver, Newcott

Henry Board , labourer

John Broomfield, labourer, Knap

Sarah Broomfield, Tedburrow

Mary Browning, Burrow Hill

John Browning, labourer

Ann Browning

Thomas Buttle, labourer, Potters

John Carter, labourer, Burleyhayes

John Carter, Coombe Hill

Samuel Carter, labourer, Pikes

Walter Chester, Coombe Hill

William Clyst, labourer, Lydensign

James Clapp, labourer, Stripshirt

Ann Cload, Millhayes

William Cross, labourer, Bodhams

Wioliam Henry Cox, police constable

Richard Cummings, labourer, Shobrooks

George Clist, labourer, Cornhill

Sam Davis, labourer, Hill farm

Robert Dyer, labourer, Culmdavy

William Evans, labourer, Passby

William Eveleigh, labourer, Mackham

Rosina Furze, laundress

William Gibbs, hawker, Coombehead

John Griffin, labourer, Westown

Henry Griffin, labourer, Holcombe

George Hake, Owleycombe

James Harris, labourer, Westown

James Harris, labourer, Cornhill

John Hawkins, labourer, Pencross

J. A. Hartnell, Cat and Fiddle

Sarah Hembrow, dressmaker, Cornhill

Robert Hill, mason, The Square

Thomas Hill, labourer, Culmbridge

Samuel Hill, labourer, Fourways

B. Hold, sexton, Cornhill

H. Hold, Poverty Farm

George Holway, labourer, Coombe Hill

George Hutchings, carpenter, Ashculme

Eli Jenkins, labourer, Culmdavy

George Lowman, labourer, Culmdavy

James Lowman, labourer, Westown

William Lowman, labourer, Hodges

Sarah Lowman, Tedburrow

Ann Lutley, The Square

Ephraim Luxton, labourer, Millhayes

John Manley, letter-carrier, High Street

William Marks, labourer, Lickham

Henry Moon, thatcher, Castle Hill

Dinah Mortimer, Millhayes

John Mortimer, Culmdavy

Thomas Newberry, labourer, The Square

George Pain, labourer, Symonsborough

Charles Pike, labourer, Burrow Hill

Sam Pike, labourer, Castle Hill

Thomas Redwood, labourer, Gorwell

John Richards, labourer, Studleys

Thomas Richards, labourer, Ashculme

William Richards, labourer, Ashculme

Thomas Robins, blacksmith, Whitehall

William Robins, labourer, High Street

Samuel Rowswell, labourer, High Street

Aaron Rugg, labourer

Charles Salter, labourer, Owleycombe

Charles Salter, labourer, Culmdavy

George Salter, labourer, Castle Hill

Henry Salter, labourer, Lemonshill

James Salter, labourer, Greywalls

Mary Salter, dressmaker, The Square

William Salter, labourer, Maidengreen

James Sansom, labourer, culmdavy

Henry Sparkes, labourer, Culmdavy

Jopseph Sparkes, labourer, Castle Hill

Abraham Squires, labourer, Coombe Hill

Walter Stone, mason, Culmbridge

Sarah Stone, Cornhill

Richard Strawbridge, labourer, Cornhill

Elizabeth Summers, Egypt

William Summers, gardener, Castle Hill

James Sweetland, jun.,. labourer, Symonsborough

Robert Symons, labourer, pencross

Caleb Tottle, labourer, Pencross

James Tottle, engine driver, Pencross

John Trenchard, labourer, Reeds

William Trickey, labourer, Gorwell

John Tucker, labourer, Cornhill

William Wilcox, engine driver, Valley View

Frank Willy, labourer, Lemonshill

Elizabeth Wood, Cornhill


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