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Flete House

Flete House, Holbeton

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Holbeton, a large straggling village on an eminence, west of the Erme estuary and four mile SW by W of Modbury, has in its parish 1120 souls and 4623 acres of land, extending to Bigbury Bay and including the hamlets of Mothecombe, Creacombe and Ford, and many scattered farmhouses etc.


Lime is burnt here and barges of 70 tons come up the estuary. Lady Elizabeth Bulteel (daughter of Earl Grey, and relict of the late J.C. Bulteel Esq.) is lady of the Manor, and has a large and elegant mansion here called Flete House, which was long the seat of the ancient family of Hele, one of whom was created a baronet in 1627. The branch of the family became extinct in 1716 when the estate passed to the Bulteels. The mansion was built in the reign of Elizabeth, but its two principal fronts were altered in the castellated style about 14 years ago, by the late J. C. Bulteel, Esq, who made other extensive improvements, one of which is a large and splendid picture gallery, well stored with the works of ancient and modern artists. Membland Hall, the seat of Robert Robertson Esq., formerly belonged to the Rev. Sir Philip Perring Bart. and was the occasional residence of his family, one of whom, Sir John Perring was Lord Mayor of London in 1803 and was created a baronet in 1808. His uncle purchased the estate of the Bulteels and rebuilt the house. Richard Holland Esq, the Rev. W. J. Pinwill and several smaller owners, have estates in the parish.


The church (All Saints) is a large and handsome cruciform structure, with a tower containing six bells and crowned by a spire. It is mostly in the perpendicular style and in the south aisle is a canopied monument with a recumbent effigy of one of the Heles and several kneeling figures. The vicarage is in the patronage of the Crown and incumbency of the Rev. Courtenay Bulteel, who has over 3 acres of glebe and an ancient residence.


The rent of an acre of land and a yearly rent-charge of 18s are applied in repairing the church. Here are two small chapels belonging to the Independents and Wesleyans; and a school supported by Lady Bulteel.




Axworthy, Mrs, miller, Pool Mills

Bignell Captain Richard, Roe, Carswell

Bulteel, Lady Elizabeth, Flete House

Bultell, Rev. Courtenay, vicar

Burrow, John Charles, Esq. Efford

Crimp, William, butcher

Lapthorn e, Robert, wheelwright

Pike, Mr

Rabbich, Thomas, victualler George Inn

Robertson, Robert, Esq. Membland Hall

Sandover, Philip, butcher

Shepheard, Robert, thatcher

Wyatt, Benjamin, victualler, Union Inn


Brooking, Edward

Penwill, James

Rabbich, Thomas


Chadder, Thomas

Evens, John

Giles, William


Baker, John

Baker, Thomas

Brown, William

Lake, Richard

Lake, William


Axworthy, Henry

Coleman, Richard

Ford, William

Lane, John


Ferris, Robert

Penwill, James

Rogers, Andrew

Rogers, Thomas

Stone, Nichoals

Tarring, Robert

Tarring, William


Adams, Gedorge

Avent, James

Beer, John

Cutmore, John

Elliott, George

Ford Henry

Ford, Richard

Friend, Nicholas

Giles, Joseph

Giles, Robert

Grills, John

Irish, Elizabeth

Jarvis, John

Kerswell, Robert

Maddock, John

May, Jonathan

Millman Joseph

Nicholls, Robert

Nicholls, Robert

Roe, Henry William

Rowlings, John

Tarring, Jacob

Tarring, M.

Tope, Ja\mes

Wakeham, John

Weymouth, John

Weymouth, Edward

Weymouth, Nicholas


 Camp, Robert

Elliott, Christopher

Evens, Ann


Chaffe, William

Godfrey, John

Shephard, James

Wyatt, Benjamin


Avery, Richard

Avery, William

Martin, Richard

Penwill, Thomas

Stone, Richard


Ball Thomas

Clark, Samuel

May, Thomas

Sherrell, John

Stentiford, John


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