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"HUISH, a small scattered village on the west side of the Torridge valley, has in its parish 141 souls and about 1100 acres of land, of which 722 acres are in the extensive parks of Heanton Sackville, which are partly in the parish of Petrockstow, where the old mansion was burnt down about forty years ago.

Heanton House, the present elegant modern mansion,stands in this parish
and is the seat of Lord Clinton, the lord of the manor, and owner of most of
the soil, who has lately made great improvements in the mansion and its beautiful grounds. Huish was anciently held by a family of its own name, and afterwards by the Tresilian, Yeo, and Innis families. Sir James Innis, afterwards Duke of Roxburgh, purchased the estate in 1782, and built a new house for his own residence; but he sold the estate to Richard Eales, Esq., of whom it was purchased by the late Lord Clinton, who was succeeded in 1832 by the present Right Hon. Charles Rudolphus-Trefusis, Baron Clinton and Say, who was born in 1791, and whose son the Hon. Henry Rolls, one of the heirs of the late Lord Rolle, was born in 1834. (See page 218.) His Lordship's other seat is Trefusis Castle, Cornwall.


Heanton House was re-modelled by the late Lord, and the old deer park in Petrockstow is still preserved. Huish parish includes the hamlet of Newbridge, and the barton of Lovistone, where that eminent oculist, J. Cunningham Saunders, was born. Huish Church is a small antique structure, with a tower and three bells, and the living is a rectory, valued in 1831 at £194, in the patronage of Lord Clinton, and incumbency of the Rev. J. C. Kempe, of Merton, who has 66A.. 2R. 25P. of glebe. The tithes have been commuted for £117 per annum."



Lord Clinton, Heanton House
Archer, Rev Samuel Haywood, B.A. curate, Rectory
Anderson Alexander, farm steward
Brooks John, farmer
Carpenter John, blacksmith
Cato John, gardener, Heanton House.
Bickham Mrs. housekeeper, do.
Wright Charles, butler, do.
Rockhey Thomas, corn miller
Stanbury Richard, farmer


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