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George Pycroft (1819 - 1894) practised as a physician and surgeon in Kenton for 46 years between 1844 and 1890.

He was a founder member of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art which dates from 1862.

He moved away during the last years of his life but continued to be an authority on Devon in general and Kenton in particular.

Kenton Cross

Below is part of a letter written by George Pycroft and published in the Western Antiquary in 1891:


"To the Editor:

Dear Sir:

I have left the County of Devon but I wish to put a fact on record through your journal. There is a high granite stone cross of the kind met with in Cornwall, standing on the middle of the village green at Kenton, near Exeter.

Future antiquarians may be puzzled at finding this monument so far east, and will look upon it, of course, as the original stone cross of the village, will compare it with the date of the church , and write very learnedly upon the matter. I wish to state that the cross was brought from Cornwall about 7 years ago - that it was bought from a Cornish clergyman by the late Earl of Devon who gave him £5 for it - that it was sent from Cornwall to Powderham, that the Earl caused a Calvary* to be built for it and erected it on Kenton Green - and that the Earl told me whence he procured it and the price.

Yours truly,

George Pycroft,

Richmond, Surrey.

*Referring to the three levels or steps on which the Cross stands


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