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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

Directory Listings





Parish Records




War Memorials




Abbot Mrs. Bessmount

Braley-Thomson, Henry, Weston

Brown, Hercules Langford J.P - Fluder

Caunter, Henry McDonald, Foredowne

Codner, Thomas, Rose Hill House

Fagan, Rev. George Hickson Feltrim, MA, The Vicarage

Foster, Edmund Alford, South Hill

Goyen, The Misses, Endean Priors

Griffiths, Eli Henry, Greystone

Hatfield, John Raynor, Pen-y-craig

Heath, Thomas, Southfield

Jolley, Mrs. Halcyon

Jordan, Burney Albert Devereux, Stoneycombe Cottages

Lambshead, Mrs, Southernhay

Lancaster, Charles William, Broadgate

Lyndon, Lady Selina, Claremont

McCormack Mrs, Rock View

Mann Mrs., Stoneycombe Cottages

Mortimer, William Henry

Peet, Arthur William, Penralit

Pethybridge, Mrs, Hillingdon

Pidgeon, Joseph Thomas, Sparkville

Rae, James, The Wold

Ravenscroft, Mrs. Holmleigh

Read, Horace, The Cot

Roseveare, Warwick George, Beechwood

Rowell, John, Summerhiill

Schetky, the Misses, Vicarage Corner

Searley, Albert William, Northernhay

Shaw, Miss, Hillstead

Stooke, Miss, Claremont

Tassell, John James, 1 Wellington Terrace

Wale, John James

Wetherell. James de Caulier, Cleveland

Williams, George Sawyer, Tor Hill


Abbot, Charles Leslie, manure merchant

Adams, William, builder

Andrews, Thomas,  shopkeeper

Ashford, William, farmer, Odicknoll Farm

Ball, Edwin, butcher

Banbury, John, butcher

Bellamy, B, Miss, teacher of music, 3 Bradley terrace

Bovey, Alfred Lang, baker

Bowden Fred, market gardener

Bradford, Samuel James, shopkeeper

Brimson, John, boot retailer

Brooks, William Hodge, fishmonger

Burn, Florence and Amy (the Misses) grocers

Burn, Thomas, Halfway House Public House

Burrage, Anne Knowles (Mrs) spirits

Causey Edmund, market gardener

Davey, A. M. (Mrs) tobacconist

Devonshire Dairies Ltd, Coventry Farm

Eggbeer, Alfred William, dairyman, Clarendon

Floyde, William, miller (water), Whitpot Mill

Ford, Edward Smith, carpenter & Collector of Taxes

Ford, Janet (Miss) apartments, Wellington Terrace

Foss, Sidney, farmer, Rose Hill Farm

Frampton, Thomas, Lord Nelson Public House

French, Tichard, butcher

Hallstaff, James, mason

Harris, Reginald Gerald, butcher, Elmsleigh

Hatfield , John Raynor LRCP & LRCS, physician and surgeon, Pen-y-craig

Hill, Silas & Sons, wheelwrights

Hill, Edith (Miss), shopkeeper

Hodge,  Harry, dairyman

Jury & Sons, wheelwrights

Knill, Emily (Miss) draper

Maben, Harry, Insurance agent

Milton, Jessie (Mrs) Seven Stars Public House

Mortimer, William Henry, brewer

Mortimore M, Mrs, baker

Motts, Albert Edward, grocer, Post office

Olding, John, beer retailer

Paige, Stanley, Eastcott, farmer, Home Farm

Powell, Ernest, boot & shoe maker

Rowe, Alfred, market gardener

Searle William James, florist, Vineyard

Shaw, Nevil M, bee keeper, Kerswell Lodge

Skinner, John Goss, ironmonger

Stentiford, Edwin John, haulier

Tryeman, Annie (Mrs.) market gardener, Brookedor

Underhay, Lucy (Mrs) farmer, Foredown

Voller, Arthur Ernest, board residence & apartments, Chalet Bon Air

Wakeham, William Henry, farmer, Torquay Road

Wale, William Henry, farmer

Whiteway & Ball, coal merchants

Working Men's Club (Aubrey Mortimer Hon. Sec)


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