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Knowstone, a pleasant village ona bold eminence, encompassed by lofty hills, 9 miles east of South Molton, has in its parish 578 souls and 4994 acres of land, including 1219 acres of common and 219 acres of moorland; the village of East Knowstone about a mile from the church; the hamlet of Rochill and many scattered houses, some of them among the high moorlands, near the source of the River Yeo.


Sir Robert George Throckmorton, bart, is lord of the manor and owner of the manor house called Knowstone Beaple, which was so called from its ancient owners, and was long a seat of the Pollards. J. Handford Esq. , Mr Joseph Hill and many smaller owners have estates in the parish. Sir John Berry, an eminent naval officer in the reign of Charles II was born here at the vicarage.


Beaple's Moor Knowstone

Beaple's Moor, Knowstone

Courtesy of Wikimedia


*The church (St Peter) is a small ancient structure with a tower and three  bells and was repaired four years ago. The rectory was appropriated to Hartland Abbey but the great tithes have been sold to the landowners.The vicarage with that of Molland annexed to it, is in the patronage of Sir R. G.Throckmorton and incumbency of the Rev. John Froude MA of East Anstey. The Rev. R. Pole of Templeton is the curate with the thatched vicarage house being let to a farmer.


St Peter's church, Knowstone

St Peter's church, Knowstone

© Richard J. Brine


* This paragraph was written in 1850. For more up-to-date information, Andrew Jones, the current priest-in-charge, writes:

For centuries, Knowstone and Molland formed one united benefice ,with the parish priest living at Knowstone. In 1915, the two parishes became separate benefices. A separate vicarage was built at Molland. In the late 1970s, the present large benefice (the Oakmoor group) brought Molland and Knowstone back together again. The priest now lives at Bishops Nympton. All the other rectories and vicarages, including Knowstone's,, have been sold.



Jacob Bucknell, maltster and victualler, the Fox and Hounds

Charles Newell Catcliffe, surgeon

William Follett.victualler, the William IV

Philip and James Hodge, carpenters

The Mosses M and E Moore, Estacott

John Snow, corn miller

Thomas Snow, the Mason's Arms


Benjamin Elston

William Elston

Michael Hill


James Boundy

William Hill

James Snow



James Bray

Thomas Bray, East Kidland

William Bray, Ford

John Buckingham, Oulaborough

John Bucknell, Beaple Barton

Robert Bucknell

William Bucknell

George & Richard Courtenay, Wadham

James Fisher

Samuel Fisher

William Fisher, Hill

William Follett, Brownsford and Indy Lake

Joseph Hill, gentleman, Moortown. Thomas Hill, Hapson

Thomas Lovern

Henry Luxton

Edward Mildon

John Mogford, Shapcote

John Shapland

Robert Stone, Weston

Thomas Stoine

Wlizabeth Tarr, Whitemoor

James Tarr

Richard Thorne, Kents

Gregory Tidball

James Webber

William Woodbury, West Kidland


Wiulliam Davie

Thomas Snow

William Steer


Harry Cockram

Ann Hernaman

Mary Partridge


 William Hill

Thomas Snow


James Fewin

William Shapcott


John Batten

James Cole



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