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Little Hempston has  been, in the past, known also as Hempston Arundel and is a small village and parish, pleasantly seated in a valley opening to the river Dart,  and adjoining the road from Newton Abbot to Totnes and Plymouth, 2 miles north-east from Totnes railway station  on the main line of the Great Western  railway which passes through the village and 3 from Broadhempston; it is in the Totnes Divison  of  Stanborough and Coleridge, the rural district of  Totnes and the diocese of Exeter.


The river Hems, which rises in the parish of Woodland, flows throught he village, where it is joined by another stream, originating in Marldon, the united currents entering the Dart near  Hempston.


The church of St John the Baptist, rebuilt in 1439, is an edifice of stone is an edifice of stone in the Decorated and Perpendicular style. In the church are two ancient monuments, which date from 1310 to 1350 and represent the Arundel family. Some of the glass is of great age, dating from the church at Marldon originally. A tablet in the church bears the names of the men who fell while a full list of all those who served in the Great War appears in the church porch. (and those who fought in the 2nd World War after this was written).


Stone slab containing the Roll of Honour

The stone slab containing the Roll of Honour in the porch of the church

© Richard J. Brine


The living is in the gift of the Lord Chancellor and is currently held since 1937 by the Rev, John Heywood Waddington MA of Victoria University, Manchester who is also Vicar of Totnes where he resides.


The soil is limestone, the subsoil is loam. the chief crops are wheat, barley and roots vegetables. The parish consists of 1227 acres of land , 12 of water, 10 of tidal water and 3 of foreshore.The population of 1931 was 159.


St John's Church, Little Hempstone

St Johns Church, Little Hempstone

© Richard J. Brine



Berrill, Roland Fabian, Parkhill

Dundas, Robert Bruce, The Old Manor

Harding, Montague C.  Gatcombe House

Miller, Norman D.  Buckyette

Trivett, Mrs. Dilmont House


Bawdon, Thomas, farmer, Uphempston

Blackler, George Albert, famer,  Higher Court

Blackler, Harry farmer, Hampstead Farm

Bolton Arms  (Victualler, Sydney James Matters)

Bridge Inn (Victualler William Charles Lapthorn)

Burridge , James, Gatcombe Farm

Evans, F. H. & Sons, cider merchants

Evans, Harold William, farmer, Fishacre Mill

Harris, Percival Stanley, farmer, Lillisford Farm

Hutchings, Albert, farmer, Gatcombe Mill

Miller, Norman D, farmer Buckyette Farm.

Murrin, Sydney Emanuel, farmer, Court Farm

Nicholls,Wilfred Henry, farmer, Grattons Farm



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