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Luppitt is a village and a parish on a bold range of hills, 4 miles N by E of Honiton. It has 782 souls and 4730 acres of land, including Shapcombe tithing, the small hamlets of Beacon and Shaugh, and a common of more than 500 acres.


The baronial family of Carew were formerly lords of the manor, and were seated till the 16th century at Mohun's Ottery, now a farm house in this parish.


The Rev, William Bernard of Clatworthy, Somerset is now lord of the manors of Luppitt and Mohun's Ottery, but a great part of the parish belongs to C. J. Helyar Esq, the Revs H. and H.W. Helyar and a few smaller freeholders.


The church (St. Mary ) is in the style which prevailed in the 15th century and has a tower and four bells.  It contains some ancient monuments of the Carew family and was appropriated to Newham Abbey.  The vicarage, valued in 1831 at £121, is in the patronage of the Rev. W. Bernard and incumbency of the Rev. John S. C. L. Cabbell who has held the living since 1796. The parsonage house is a small cottage.


There was anciently a free chapel at Mohun's Ottery and the presbyterians had formerly a meeting house at Shaugh. A house and 2½ acres of land belong to the church for repairs but were let in 1778 for 99 years at only 8s per annum in condineration of a fine of £96.


Two small schools are aupported by Mrs Elizbaeth P. Simcoe and the parish has a Friendly Society with a numerous list of members.



Bastin, James, blacksmith

Cabbell, Rev. James S. C. l. , vicar

Dimond, Joseph, corn miller

Marchant, Thomas, tailor

Pearse, Charles, Gent. Greenway

Quick, Henry, shoemaker

Rowland, Jane, schoolmistress

Sage, Charles, victualler, Red Lion Inn

Searle, William, blacksmith

Stone, Mary, schoolmistress

Venn, Rev. John Cook

Wright, John, shopkeeper & Post Office


Baker, William

Bishop , Henry

Bishop, James

Bishop, John

Bishop. Henry

Broom, Henry

Burrough, James, Gullyhays

Burrough, Edward, North Week

Burrough, Joseph

Burrough, Richard

Davey, Robert

Dimond, Thomas, Shapcombe

Dommett, Thomas, Mount-Stephen

Ewins, John

Griffin, Clement

Griffin, James

Griffin, John

Griffin, John, jun

Griffin , Thomas

Holway, Peter, Stonacre

Hurford James

Moore, John

Moore Thomas

Moore, Thomas, jun

Pearcey, Richard

Pyle, John, Dowlish

Roe, John

Rosewell, William

Rissell, Thomas.

Salter, James

Warren, John

Warren Thomas

Webber Thomas

Wuatt, John, Higher Shaugh




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