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In 1844, it was decided that Kingsand should become a part of Cornwall. Nearly one  hundred years later, in 1943, it was decided that the parish of Maker should combine with the parish of Rame. to be known as the parish of Maker-with-Rame. However, on the ground, it is not high authorities of church or state who make the real decisions. The people of Kingsand remained fiercely loyal to their Devon antecedents and to this day, the county boundary marker remains on a house opposite the Halfway Hotel, separating Turk Town ( as Cawsand was known and the North Rockers (Kingsand's nickname). Intense rivalry between the two villages has still not died down and the boundary marker stays where it is as a reminder that.once. Cornwall's boundary was here, not at the edge of the River Tamar.

The Post Office continued to use "Plymouth" as part of the correct postal address in this area Marker until recent times.


The boundary marker bewteen Devon adn Cornwall on a wall in Kingsand
The county boundary marker on a cottage wall at the point where Kingsand village and Cawsand merge.

©Richard J. Brine

From Pigot's Directory 1844:

Maker is a parish, principally in the southern division of East Hundred and extending into the Hundred of Roborough in the county of Devon. The parish is bounded on the south-east by Plymouth Sound, for the defence of which there is a formidable battery above Maker village.


The parish church of St Macra is situated in Devonshire, about two mile from Devonport, upon a commanding eminence, and from its lofty site well serves the purpose of a landmark. The church contains some elegant monuments to the Edgcumbe family, whose title of Earl is derived from the truly princely domain of Mount Edgcumbe in Maker parish.


From this seat is commanded the most enchanting scenery and a prospect over Cawsand Bay and the Channel; Eddystone lighthouse, distant twelve miles, being also conspicuous. The entire parish of Maker contained, in 1831 2637 inhabitants and in 1841, 2725.


The view from Mount Edgcumbe
From the summit of Mount Edgcumbe there is a most wonderful view. Here we look down on the village of Milbrook and the lake which also bears its name. Anderton lies between the viewer and this lake. Above the first lake, we can see  St John's lake bounded by its tidal road which tide permitting, will take us back to Torpoint and the ferries which ply to and fro Plymouth. In the far distance Dartmoor reminds us of the old link with the county of Devon.

©Richard J. Brine


The Chapelry and village of Milbrook in Maker Parish was, at one time, a market town and is said to have sent members to Parliament at an early period. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in an extensive fishery. A National School in the village imparts instruction to children of both sexes.

About a mile from Milbrook and two miles from Devonport, at Anderton, is the celebrated yacht and boat building yard of Messrs Waterman & Sons, who excel in the construction of fast-sailing vessels; and many revenue (ie. customs) cutters are built here.

Cawsand and Kingsand are two villages contiguous to each other. The former is in the parish of Rame in the county of Cornwall; the latter is in the parish of Maker and the county of Devon, The inhabitants are chiefly employed in the fisheries





Brent, Mr. William, RN, Anderton

Clark, Captain Richard, RN, Voss (now called Foss)

Cock, Mr. Gregory, Milbrook

Gifford, Lieut. James. RN, Kingsand

Gillard, Mr. William, Kingsand

Hamley. Mrs/ Elizabeth, Kingsand

Lee, Rev. Thomas, Rame

Little, William, Esq. West Park

Mount Edgcumbe, the Right Hon. Earl of, Mount Edgcumbe

Nicholls, Colonel George, Anderton

O'Neal, Henry Esq. Anderton House

O'neal, Henry jun. Esq. Anderton House

Rogers, Mr. Robert RN. Kingsand

Rowe. Mr. Henry, Kingsand

Rowe, Mr. William. Kingsand

Samuels, Lieut. William, RN, Newport

Skardon, mr. Thomas, Milbrook

Trelawney, Rev. Maker Vicarage

Vallack, Mrs. Mary Ann, Kingsand

Walker, Captain, RN, Anderton.


Avery, Ricahrd, The Academy, Kingsand

Crews, John, Master of the National School, Milbrook

Gether, Henry, The Academy, Milbrook

Gray, Francis, surgeon, Kingsand

Little, John, surgeon, Milbrook

Turpin, William, The Academy, Milbrook


Brealey, William, The Barley Sheaf, Milbrook

Henwood, John, Milbrook

Philips, Eleanor, Devonport Inn, Kingsand

Graves John, Edgcumbe Arms, Cremyll


The edgcumbe Arms in 2008
Thre Edgcumbe Arms in 2008

©Richard J. Brine

INNS & PUBLIC HOUSES (continued)

Ferguson, James, Half Way House, Kingsand

Davey, Joseph, King's Arms, Kingsand

Nicholls, John, King's Arms, Kingsand

Eddey, Samuel, London Inn, Kingsand

Tickel, John,New Inn,

Clift, Maria, Prince George, Kingsand

Hicks, Margaret, Ring of Bells, Milbrook


Banks & Son, Frank's Quarry, Cremill

Warterman, William & Sons, Anderton


Bennett, thomas, blacksmith, Milbrook

Blake, Francis, shopkeeper, Milbrook

Bowyer, William, blacksmith, Milbrook

Carn, Richard, mason, Kingsand

Chubb, Edward, rope maker, Wood Park

Chubb, George, baker, Milbrook

Cleave, Thomas, baker, Milbrook

Cole, William, baker, Milbrook

Collins, John, mason, Milbrook

Collins, Samauel, mason, Milbrook

Davy, John, blacksmith, Milbrook

Down, John, carpenter, Milbrook

Ham, John, watch maker, Kingsand

Hambley, Louisa, shopkeeper, Millbrook

Hannaford, Eliza, butcher, Kingsand

Harris, John, shopkeeper, Kingsand

Jogg, Thomas, shopkeeper, Millbrook

Kingdon, Richard, baker, Kingsand

Kneebone, William jun. shore maker, Kingsand

Leeby, John, blacksmith, Kingsand

Meynard, Edward, butcher, Milbrook

Nicholls, William, tailor, Milbrook

Nicholson, John, mason, Milbrook

Oliver, John, shopkeeper, Kingsand

Palmer, Philip, shopkeeper, Milbrook

Pearse, Hannah, baker, Milbrook

Peters, William, grocer, Milbrook

Ralph, William, shoemaker, Milbrook

Rowe, Samuel & Co, grocers & druggists, Milbrook

Stanton, Richard, shoe maker, Kingsand

Stephens, Robert, butcher, Milbrook

Trevan, Thomas, carpenter, Milbrook

Webber, John, shoe maker, Milbrook

Webber, William, shopkeeper, Kingsand



Ballamy, Joseph, Esq.

Battey, Lieut. Christopher RN

Cook, Mr

Elliott, Mrs Mary Ann

Ellis, Mrs

Vallack, Colonel Joseph


N ichols, Elizabeth, schoolmistress, Kingsand


Jope, Richard, the Barley Sheaf

Chapell, Henry, The Pilot Boat

Thrist, Thomas, The Ship


Borlace, Alfred, boat builders)

Jope, Richard, (boat builders)



Beal, James, mason

Bennett, Joseph, carpenter

Brush, Jane, shopkeeper

Eddey, Samson, baker

Hockin, Daniel, blacksmith

Hockin, William, shopkeeper

Littlejohn, Ann, butcher

Nicholls, Charles, tailor

Redding, Thomas John, beer retailer

Sandards, Samuel, mason

Stanbury, William, grocer

Trevetham, Maria, shopkeeper

Waymouth, Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Webber, Joseph, carpenter

Woolcock, William, shopkeeper

Kingsand (righthand end) and Cawsand ( to the left)

Cawsand ( on the left) and Kingsand ( to the right) connect. The cottage with the county boundary marker shown at the top of the page is just about mid-way along in this photo.

© Richard J Brine



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