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Copper and iron ore were mined at two mines in Molland during the last 50 years of the 19th century. The seams were not huge but there was a steady output of copper and then iron ore from the pretty hills which around the village providing an alternative to agricultural work in years which were very tough for farm workers. 


The techniques of copper mining were introduced into the area by Cornish miners who were brought in from the mid 1840s onward, chiefly from the Camborne area. and the success of the mines in Molland was mainly due to the way these incomers were integrated into the life of the village.


They lodged in the homes of local people bringing a much-needed boost to some family incomes, and  spent their wages in the local pub, the London Inn. Over the years, one or two Cornishmen married local girls; non-conformist ministers came into the areas with their families to minister to a Cornish faction which grew to include 23 people over time.


The effect on a small population was to turn their isolated community into a bustling place with a choice of jobs for men and boys as well as employment for women Best of all, the Cornishmen wanted nothing more than to go home to Cornwall when they had shared their skills with the locals, leaving plenty of work for the them.



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