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Northam 1914 War Memorial

Northam 1914 War Memorial

©Richard J. Brine


Our usual practice is to list the names on a war memorial in alphabetical order. This proved impossible on the Northam Memorial because separation had already been made  between officers and other ranks.


There are a number of discrepancies between initials here and those on the memorial itself and between the regiments in which the men served before being attached, often at a moment's notice, to other regiments. We are very grateful to David Gale of Northam who has worked so hard to identify and correct, the names on the Memorial.


It is not always possible to connect the names named with Northam. Undoubtedly the presence of the United Services Boarding School at *Westward Ho! led to the inclusion of many of the names below.

* Probably the only place name in the world to officially include an exclamation mark!


2nd Lieutenant Harold Arthur Allin of the 17th Lancashire Fusiliers. Son of Nathan and Emily Allin of Leonard House, Northam. Born in Northam in 1892. Died 23 October 1917 aged 26.
Lieut. Charles Hosken Bennet of the Royal Field Artillery. Son of George and Ellen Bennet. Born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1898. Died 25 February 1919 aged 20. Buried in Northam Churchyard.
Captain Harold Edward Carrington of the 15th Battalion, the Hampshire Regiment. Son of Florence and the late Arthur Carrington of Northam. Born in Derbyshire in 1886 (Baptised 10 November 1886). Died at home in Northam 15 September 1916 aged 29.
Lieut. Frederick Laurence Eardley-Wilmot of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Son of Lt-Col Arthur Eardley -Wilmot and his wife Mary. Born on Portsea Island, Hants, 25 February 1895. Died 19 March 1915 aged 20.
Captain Reginald Benjamin Featherstone of "C" Coy, the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of the late Benjamin Featherstone and his wife Adelaide; husband of Anna Elizabeth Featherstone of Colyford, Deveon. Born in Anerley, Surrey 28 November 1881. Died 18 December 1914 aged 30.
2nd Lieut. Noel Freeman of the 3rd Battalion, attached to the 7th Battalion, the Royal West Surrey Regiment. Son of the late Mrs R. M. Craven of Kensington. Born  at Cilwendig Park, Pembroke. Killed in action 5 April 1918 aged 22.
Lt Robert Lovat Thomas of the Prince of Wales Volunteers (the South Lancashire Regiment). No other information available.
Captain Cecil Hampson of the 2nd Battalion, the East Lancs Regiment. Son of Archibald and Anne Martin of Stanwell, Westward Ho! Born in Mysore, India in 1895. Died 2 October 1916 aged 22.

Also spelt McConaghy. Spelling was changed by the man himself to avoid confusion with the name of his cousin.

Major (acting Lt-Col)Maurice Edwin McConaghey of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Scots Fusiliers. Husband of Cynthia McConaghey. Born in India  in 1878. Died 23 April 1917 aged 39. He also served in the Boer War.

Naval Chaplain Faulkener Morgan BA of the Royal Navy, HMS Invincible. Son of Faulkener and Amelia Morgan. Born in London in the September Quarter of 1878. Died 31 May 1916 aged 38 at the Battle of Jutland.
Captain Reginald Henry Hamilton Moore of the 1st Battalion, the Border Regiment. Son of Colonel J. Moore and his wife.  Born in 1885. Died 11 June 1915 aged 30.
Lieut. Gerald Francis Hamilton Moore of the 3rd Battalion, attached to the 9th Battalion, the Border Regiment.  Son of Colonel J. Moore and his wife; brother of Reginald (above).  Born in 1886. Died 12 August 1917 aged 31.
Captain  Lewis Faulconer Nicholls of the 1st Battalion, the Northumberland Fusiliers. Died 25 February 1915.
Major (acting Lt.Col) Herbert Cleland Nicolay of the 1st Battalion, the King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles. Son of Col. and Mrs Nicolay of Rose Hill, Bideford. Born in 1877. Died 10 March 1915 aged 38.
2nd Lt. Ernest John Rice of the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Mrs Rice of Northam. Born in 1891. Died 20 November 1917 aged 26.
Lt. Robert George Melville of the 1st Battalion, the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. Died 23 July 1916.
Major Norman Chalmers Sparling of the 54th Sikhs. Son of Lt.Col. James Sparling and his wife Lucy of Westward Ho! Born in 1884. Died 25 September 1915 aged 31.
Major/Adjutant Sydney James Belton Sparling of the 57th Wilde's Rifles, the Frontier Force attached to the Royal Marines, Howe Battery, the Royal Naval Division. Son of Lt. Col. James Sparling and his wife Lucy of Westward Ho!; brother of Norman (see above). Born in 1882. Died 4 June 1915 aged 33.
Commandant Elfrida Stella Temple MBE, ambuland driver of the Voluntary Aid Detachment of the British Red Cross Society's Trouville Convoy. Daughter of Edward and Augusta Temple. Born in Breintoon, Herefordshire in 1890. Died 24 March 1919 aged 29.
Lt. Col. Arthur Saunders Vanrenen of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers of the Loncolnshire Regiment. Son of the late General Donald Vanrenen of the Royal Bengal Artillery and husband of Louise Vanrenen of "Four Winds", Weymouth. Born in 1863. Died 15 August 1915 aged 52.
Captain Montague Alfred Nixon of the Rifle Brigade. Son of Colonel Nixon and his wife Emily; husband of C.T. Nixon of Hyde Barton, Nixon. Born in 1866. Died 26 September 1917 aged 51.



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