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In 1464, over a quarter of a century before Columbus set sail for America, the Stentifords of Devon were a family of substance, running prosperous businesses and entering into commercial obligations at a time when many of their countrymen were still bound in serfdom. 

Studivers, Stedivers, Stidevers, Stettafords, Stuttavers, Stintaffords, Stantifords, Stuttafords, Stentefords, Stedofords, Steadifords, Stedefords, Stedifords, Stidefords, Stidifords, Stottworthies, Stuttworthies, Stantafords, and Stentifords would all appear to share a common ancestry. Join us on this Family Magazine Web Site and help to tell the story of the extraordinary group of people whose genes we carry.  

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