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by Bruce Peeke


We are  most grateful to Bruce Peeke who wrote to us with new information relating to the bombing of Brixham. What makes this information so valuable is that Bruce was actually present. During this time of war, there were wide spread news blackouts and only those who experienced (and survived) the bombing really knew what had happened.


Below is what Bruce  told us and which has now been added to the following page:





"On the Casualty page, relating to the bombing of Brixham, the London City is referred to as a coal barge but a more correct description would be ‘coaling hulk’ as she was a real ship; in fact I have always understood that she was a former German ship that had been seized after the first World War.  She was indeed sunk three times but was not raised after the third time and broken up much later after the war. 


I have compared the list of air raids with one I made some years ago from copies of the ARP Incident Book held in Torquay Library.  One thing I noted was that the sinkings of the London City took place on 13 July 1940 at 1330, 27 Feb 1941 at 13.25 and 31 March 1942 at 1340.

That last raid is not in your list, but neither is another recorded as being on the harbour at 2050 on 11 May 1941 for which the incident book records 6 HE bombs from 8 aircraft, a trawler sunk, 2 personal injuries and 2 properties damaged.   A similar raid (in which I have a personal interest) which is not in the list is one recorded on 14 May 1942 at 1850 on the harbour and quay by 4 aircraft dropping 4 HE bombs (3 in the  harbour and 1 on the quay); a small trawler was sunk, there was 1 personal injury and 15 houses damaged.   I lived with my mother and sister in one of those properties (my father was in the RAF) and we had to be evacuated for a while until windows and ceilings were replaced and furnishings dried out from the sea water that had been blown in.  It was the bomb that blew the trawler apart that caused our damage and I later found a beam from it in our back garden, it having travelled completely over our roof.  

Another unlisted raid I copied was on 18 June 1942 at 0600 on Furzeham and I have the last 3 entries in your list as being 21 January 1943 and 29 May 1944.  As stated on the web site, there were no warnings of the tip and run raids, some of which are recorded as involving machine gun and cannon fire as well as the bombs."

Bruce Peeke

The text on the lower part of this page is the copyright property of Bruce Peeke


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