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Broadwoodwidger is an extensive parish and village, 3 miles east from Tower Hill station and 5½ from Ashwater station, both on the Southern railway, the latter being the more convenient station for the north part of this parish; it is also 4 miles north from Lifton Station on the Launceston branch of the Great Western Railway., 12 miles north-west from Tavistock and 7 north-east from Launceston, in the Tavistock division of the county, Hundred and petty sessional division of Lifton, county court district of Launceston, rural district of Broadwoodwidger, rural deanery of Tavistock, archdeaconry of Plymouth and diocese of Exeter.

The church of St Nicholas is an ancient structure of various styles and dates, consisting of chancel with south chapel separated from the chancel  by an arcade of two arches, nave of four bays, south aisle, north transept, south porch and an embattled western tower with pinnacles, containing 6 bells, all cast in 1795; in the south chapel is an altar tomb, panelled with niches containing small figures, and on the upper slab lies the mutilated recombent effigy of a knight in plate armour of unusual character and covered with an open flowing robe; the hands and legs are missing; the figure, according to Westcote, represents William Shilston of Upcott in the parish; one of the windows in the south aisle is stained: the church retains a good oak chancel screen and some richly carved benches dating from 1529: the fabric was restored in 1871 and has sittings for 140 persons. The register dates from the year 1654. The living is a vicarage united with that of Germansweek. joint net yearly value £520 with residence is in the gift of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol and held since 1928 by the Rev. George Thomas McLean MA of Trinity College, Dublin. There is a Wesleyan chapel at Downacary, a United Methodist chapel at Grinnicombe Moor, another at Rexon Cross and a Baptist chapel at Thorn Cross.

Witherdon, a mansion in the Gothic style, is the residence of Tredenham Hugh Spry Esq. The manorial rights are divided. T.H.Spry esq, Ernest Henry Perkin esq, who is lord of the manor of Downacary, C.F.C Howard JP,  and Commander Cyril Thomas Bradshaw R.N (ret.) are the principal landowners. The soil is loamy; subsoil, clay and slate. the chief crops are wheat, oats, barley and pasture. The are is 10,630 acres of land and 25 of water; the population in 1921 was 768.

By Local Government Board Order 15034 which  came into operation March 24 1884, a detached part of Lifton known as Westweek in the Tavistock Union and then part of Bratton Clovelly, were amalgamated with this parish.



Thomas Andrew J.P. Camp

Henry Griffin

McLean Rev. George Thomas MA, Vicar, The Vicarage

Ernest Henry Perkin, Grattons

Spry, Tredenham Hugh, Witherdon


Samuel Adams, farmer, Norton Cottage

Thomas Andrew JP, Farmer Camp

Lewis Badge, Farmer, Westweek

Frederick Bailey, Farmer, Nedwood

Isaac Balkwell, farmer, Kellacott

Sidney Balkwell, farmer, Drewn's Mill

William J. Banbury (Mrs) Frankaborough

Wilfred Blight, Farmer, Thorndon

Bridgeman Bros, farmers, Downacary

Brodrick, James,  Boot repairer

Bulleid, Samuel, Farmer, Rexon Cross

Richard Burden, farmer, Kellacott

Thomas Cole, Farmer, Kitcham

William Cole, blacksmith, Town

Congdon and Sons, Farmers, Upcott Barton

Thomas & Charlie Davey Farmer Upcott Barton

Lucy Davey ( Mrs) Farmer, Thornmoor

Thomas Davey, Farmer

John Dawe, farmer, Thorne

Albert Dennis, farmer, Eastlake

Mary Doidge (Mrs) Shopkeeper, Westweek

Thomas R. Doidge, Farmer, Coombe Park

Mary Down (Mrs) Shopkeeper

Mrs Fry and Sons, Farmer, Emsworthy

Elizabeth Furse (Mrs) Farmer, Downtown

John H. Furse, Farmer, Higher Cross

Walt Gliddon, blacksmith, Ash Mill

Henry Griffin, Farmer, Thorndon House

John Hamley, farmer, Park Cottage

John Heard, thrashing machine proprietor

William Heard, farmer, Shop Farm

georgfe Helson, farmer, Lower Cross

Horace Hingston, Farmer, Lower Fernhill

John Hole, Farmer Westweek

Maria Hole (Mrs), Farmer, Goatacre

William Hole, Farmer, Kellacott

Charles Littlejohns, tailor, Grinnicombe Moor

Frederick Littlejohns, Farmer, West Kitcham

Frederick Littlejohns, tailor, Thornmoor

Ernest martin, Tailor, Town

John Martin, Farmer, Combe

Joseph martin, farmer, Higher Grinnicombe

Richard Martin, Farmer, Rexon

WIlliam Moyse, Farmer, Shop

James Northey, Farmer, Middle Grinnicombe

R.Page Farmer, Llittle Rexon

Palmer Brothers, Farmers, Lugworthy

William Palmer Farmer Lower Grinnicombe

Emmanuel Parsons, Farmer, Westweek

Fred Parsons, carpenter

George Pearce, Farmer, Staddon farm

William Henry Pearce, Farmer, Venn

Emmanuel Pengelly, farmer, West Bainbury

John Pengelly, Farmer, Goatacre

John Pengelly, Farmer, West Banbury

Reginald Pengelly, Council Surveyor, Grattens, Tower Hill

Ernest Henry  Perkin, Farmer, Grattens, Tower Hill

William Perkin, farmer, East Bainbury

William Petherick, farmer, Woodley Park

Elizabeth Rice (Mrs), Farmer, Little Rexon

Alfred George Rich, farmer, Town

Mrs Rockey, farmer, North Thorne

Thomas Rockey, Farmer, West Manton

Francis Sellers, farmer, Kellacott

Fred Shopland, Farmer, Westweek

John Shopland, Farmer, Frankaborough

Mrs Shopland, Farmer, Roadford

Samuel Shopland jun, Farmer Tredown

Richard Sillifant, rabbit catcher

William Skinner, Farmer, Beckett

William A. Skinner, |Farmer, Grove, Tower Hill

William A. Skinner, Farmer, Coombe Mill

John Squire, Farmer, Higher Rexon

Olive Squire(Mrs) Stationer & Post Office

Robert Symons, Farmer, Lowermoor

George Uglow, butcher, Bold Ford

Charles Vesey Farmer, Combs head

Frank Ward, Cattle dealer and Rate Collector, Fernhill

John Ward, Farmer, Hole

Thomas Ward, Farmer, Fernhill

Matthew Wonnacott, Farmer, Winslade


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