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This is a transcript of the 1871 Census Return for the Crediton Union Workhouse situated in the civil parish of  Crediton.

N.B. Transcriptions should always be checked at source. Microfiches of the original census returns for Devon can be found in the West Country Studies Library in Exeter.







BURRINGTON Thomas A Mar 38 Master Sandford
BURRINGTON Charlotte E Mar 40 Matron Exminster
BURRINGTON George 8 Halberton
BURRINGTON Ellen 4 Halberton
BURRINGTON Kate 2 Crediton
BURRINGTON Anna 3 m Crediton
SALTER Edwin Un 29 Schoolmaster/Shoemaker Washford Pyne
BREALEY Anna Wid 26 Schoolmistress/Dressmaker South Molton
NEWCOMBE Emma Mar 34 Nurse/Dressmaker Thorverton
STURTON John Un 23 Porter/Tailor Ottery St. Mary
TREMLETT Susan Mar 36 Servant Crediton
RAYMOND Elizabeth Mar 59 Cook Coldridge
SKINNER Ann Un 35 Kitchen maid South Molton
ROACH Eliza Un 69 Scullery maid Cheriton Fitzpaine
STEER Mary J Un 28 Infirmary Nurse Chawleigh
SMALE Emma Un 27 Hospital Nurse Crediton
HOSKINS Walter 17 Teacher Zeal Monachorum
SOUTHCOTT Joseph 67 Assistant Porter Lapford
JOHNS John 71 Inmate. Warehouseman Crediton
MOOR William Wid 75 Inmate.  Topsham
MOOR Thomas Un 17 Inmate.  Bow
FOLLEY Eliza Wid 18 Inmate.  Bow
HARPER Elizabeth 6 Inmate. Scholar Bow
LEE Frederick 6 Inmate.  Bow
LEE Henry 5 Inmate.  Bow
MARTIN Charlotte Un 25 Inmate. Servant Barnstaple
MARTIN Robert 7 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
MARTIN Martha 1 Inmate.  Crediton Union
HOOKWAY Mary Un 58 Inmate.  Chawleigh Idiot
RICHARDS Harriet Un 24 Inmate.  Chawleigh
EVANS Mary 71 Inmate.  Chawleigh
STEER Thomas 8 Inmate. Scholar Chawleigh
STEER Charles 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
STEER Emma 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
HILL Mary A Un 35 Inmate. Servant Chawleigh
HILL Mary 0 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
HILL William 9 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
GARIN Ann (Susan?) Un 73 Inmate. Servant Chawleigh
LOCK Philip 12 Inmate. Scholar Chawleigh
LOCK George 6 Inmate. Scholar Chawleigh
BIRD Edward 11 Inmate. Scholar Chawleigh
CORNALL John Un 40 Inmate. Cheriton Fitzpaine Idiot
ROACH Edward 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
PAINE William 71 Inmate. Shepherd Cheriton Fitzpaine
HEWISH John Wid 79 Inmate. Tailor Cheriton Fitzpaine
RAYMOND William 8 Inmate.  Scholar Coldridge
RAYMOND Robert 6 Inmate. Scholar Coldridge
TOWELL John Un 43 Inmate. Scholar Coldridge
HUBBER John 76 Inmate. Labourer Crediton
BLANCHFIELD John Wid 69 Inmate. Carpenter Crediton
DREW Thomas Un 76 Inmate.  Labourer Sandford
DICKER William 80 Inmate.  Colebrooke
HERN Elizabeth 55 Inmate.  Crediton
HOOKWAY John Wid 70 Inmate.  Hittisleigh Blind
HORSEY Mary Un 71 Inmate. Servant Crediton
LOCK William 12 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
LATTANEY Jane Un 65 Inmate.  Crediton Idiot
MOGFORD Jane 76 Inmate. Factory Hand Milverton, Som.
PITTS Edward 14 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
PERKINS Ann 50 Inmate.  Crediton
SCREECH James 75 Inmate. Drainer Colebrooke
DURHAM Emma 46 Inmate.  Crediton
CONNYBEER Walter 18 Inmate Crediton
SKINNER William 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
SKINNER Ann 3 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
LOOSEMORE Elizabeth 9 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
PITTS Henry 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
HOOKWAY Charles 11 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
REED Sarah 30 Inmate. Newton St. Cyres
PASSMORE James Un 63 Inmate. Labourer Crediton
ATKINS Elizabeth 56 Inmate. Servant Poughill
ATKINS William 9 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
ATKINS Ann 2 Inmate.  Crediton Union
SNELL Mary J 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
TUCKER Jane 72 Inmate. Servant Zeal Monachorum
GRIBBLE Jane 14 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
UNDERHILL john Mar 67 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
GRIBBLE Eva 7 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
BUBEER Elizabeth 5 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
BUBEER Thomas 3 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
YARDE Mary Ann Un 26 Inmate. Servant Newton St. Cyres
YARDE Richard 8 Inmate.Scholar Crediton Union
YARDE William 1 Inmate.  Crediton Union
RICKMAN William Wid 86 Inmate. Labourer Sandford
WRIGHT Robert Un 70 Inmate. Labourer Newton St. Cyres
PLAISTER William 38 Inmate. Carpenter Crediton
PHILLIPS Susan Wid 75 Inmate.  Eggesford
NEWCOMBE Robert 12 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
POPE Henry 14 Inmate. Scholar Bow
POPE John 11 Inmate. Scholar Bow
BOLT William Un 40 Inmate Kinnersleigh
BOLT Richard 30 Inmate.  Washford Pyne
BOLT Joseph 29 Inmate.  Washford Pyne
BOLT (2) William 21 Inmate. Washford Pyne Idiot
GREENWAY? George 15 Inmate. Scholar Lapford
DOCKETT William Un 72 Inmate.  Lapford
RAYMOND William Mar 60 Inmate. Excavator Lapford
ANDREWS Charlotte Un 26 Inmate. Servant Plymouth
ELSTONE Thomas Un 56 Inmate.  Lapford Idiot
TUCKER Maria Un 60 Inmate.  Morchard Bishop
CANN John 15 Inmate. Scholar Morchard Bishop
BENNETT Jane 56 Inmate. Servant Morchard Bishop
BEER Frederick 15 Inmate. Scholar Newton St. Cyres
BEER William 11 Inmate. Scholar Newton St. Cyres
WILLS John 12 Inmate. Scholar Crediton
CANN Eliza 33 Inmate. Servant Sandford
CANN Emanuel 8 Inmate. Scholar St. Thomas
CANN John 6 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
CANN Charles 4 Inmate. Scholar Crediton Union
MAUNDER James Wid 83 Inmate. Thatcher Cruwys Morchard
WESTCOTT William Un 38 Inmate. Mason's Labourer Newton St. Cyres
SNELL Richard Mar 38 Inmate. Labourer Nymet Rowland Blind
HARVEY Eliza Un 22 Inmate. Servant Poughill
LAKE Jane Un 21 Inmate. Servant Poughill
LAKE John 1m Inmate. Crediton Union
VEYSEY Harriet Un 43 Inmate.  Pudington Idiot
EAMES John Wid 69  Inmate. Carpenter Sandford
SPEAR Thomas Un 32 Inmate. Discharged soldier Sandford
VINICOMBE Henry 31 Inmate. Labourer Lapford Deaf & Dumb
FARLEY Thomas 71 Inmate. Drover Sandford
ELSTONE Edward 73 Inmate. Smith Clanaborough
TONKINS Elizabeth Inmate. Servant Sandford
ALWARD Charlotte 39 Inmate.  Shobrooke
HOWARD Mary Ann 10 Inmate. Scholar Shobrooke Deaf & Dumb
HOWARD Lucy 8 Inmate.  Scholar Shobrooke
COCKRAM Mary Mar 70 Inmate.  Stockleigh Pomeroy
BACKWELL Sarah Un 78 Inmate Stockleigh English
CLARKE Mary Ann 7 Inmate. Scholar Upton Hellions
PIPER Maria Wid 70 Inmate.  Wembworthy
NEEDS William Un 17 Inmate.  Carpenter Lapford
TUCKER Jane 71 Inmate.  Zeal Monachorum Idiot
PIKE Henry 73 Inmate. Tailor Shobrooke
COCKRAM William 31 Inmate. Rag gatherer Newton St. Cyres
HOLESGROVE Mary 35 Inmate. Servant Cheriton Fitzpaine


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