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From The Crediton Chronicle

6 April 1907:

"The Devon County Travelling Dairy School has paid a successful visit to Filleigh where Earl Fortescue placed the laundry at the disposal of the instructresses, the Misses Young and Bray. There were two classes, one of which was composed mostly of school girls, the youngest pupil being under ten years of age. Great interest was taken in the work, many visitors attending to watch the pupils.

At the conclusion of the second course, a competition was held for both classes, the judge being the staff instructor. Mr. F. V. Dutton B.Sc. of Exeter. In the absence of Lord Fortescue, the prizes were distributed by Lord Ebrington, who said he hoped the system taught in the school would be followed by everyone who made butter, as then the knowledge would be of lifelong value to them. The rector (the Rev, A, Fuller) expressed great pleasure that such a small parish had been able to muster two full classes.

The list of awards is as follows:

First Class:

1. Miss Helen Wedlake; 2. Miss Bertha Craddick; 3. Mrs. Venner; 4. Miss Mary Skinner; 5. Mrs. Petheridge;

Highly commended: Miss Edith Smyth-Richards; Miss Ruth Smyth-Richards; Miss Helena Reed; Miss Mary Miller; Miss M. Johns.

2nd Class:

1. Miss Annie Cousins; 2. Miss Ivy Northam; 3. Miss Minnie Thomas; 4. Miss Mildred Dixon; 5. Miss Gertrude Dixon; 6. Miss Flossie Rowe; 7. Miss Ethel Bussell;

Highly commended:

Miss E. Stone; Miss E. Petherbridge; Miss R. Allen; Miss M. Skinner.

Written work:

First Class:

1. Miss M. Skinner: 2. Miss M. Miller.

Second Class:

1. Miss M. Dixon; 2. Miss Ethel Stone.

Among the visitors present at the prize-giving were Mrs. Fuller; Miss B. Smyth-Richards; Mrs. Macey; Mr. and Mrs. Miller; Mr. Whitefield Snr.; Mr. Whitefield Jnr.; Mrs. Anstey (Local Committee), Mrs. Stone; Mrs. Wallace; Mrs. J. Croucher; Mrs. Slader; Mrs. Garland; Mrs. Allen and many others.

The successful pupils are entitled to compete at the Devon County Show at Bideford on the 22nd and 23rd of May, when, in addition to the money prizes given, gold and silver medals are also awarded to the best butter-makers who work in the same method as taught in the school.


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