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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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By the end of 1640, King Charles I had become very unpopular.  Parliament forced him to make changes in the Constitution which gave them a bigger say in how the country was governed. From then on, Parliament was split into two factions - Royalists (Cavaliers) who supported the King and Parliamentarians (Roundheads) who wanted political and religious reform.

On 3 May 1641, every Member of the House of Commons was ordered to make a declaration of loyalty to the crown. This was ratified next day by the House of Lords. They called it their Protestation against " an arbitrarie and tyrannical government" and another order was made that every Rector, Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor had to appear in person before the JPs in their Hundred to make this Protestation Oath in person. It was to  be a declaration of their belief in the" Protestant religion, allegiance to the King and support for the rights and privileges of Parliament".

They then had to go back home to their own parish where any two of them were to require the same oath of allegiance from all males over the age of 18. The names of all who refused to make the oath were to be noted and assumed to be Catholics.

We have, in the Devon Protestation Returns, a set of amazing documents - something akin to a census even though no women or children are named.  A transcription is available in the West Country Studies Library in Exeter.

The Protestation Returns are arranged by parish.

Hartland belonged to the Hundred of Hartland

The original spelling has been preserved

Benjamin Addam William Genkinge Alexander Prust
Henry Addam Henry Gest Azarial Prust
Henry Addam Mark Giffery Charles Prust
Samuel Addam Richard Giffery George Prust
William Atken John Ginkinge Hugh Prust
William Atken of Downe George Grig Hugh Prust
Laurence Averye John Grig James Prust
Peter Averye William Grig James Prust
Charles Bagelhole Barnard Hallett John Prust
John Bagihole Anthony Hamblin John Prust
Edward Bagihole John Hamblin John Prust
George Bailhole William Hamblin Nicholas Prust
Henry Bagilhole Paul Hamblin Peter Prust
John Bagilhole Stephen Hammott Peter Prust
John Bagilhole of Tree William Hardwik Philip Prust
John Bagilhole of Glover Thomas Harrison Philip Prust
Richard Bagilhole Christopher Harryes Richard Prust
William Bagilhole Richard Harryes Samson Prust
William Bagilhole Alexander Hartt Thomas Prust
Jasper Band Barnabas Hatherly Thomas Prust
Richard Bartlomewe Gabriel Hatherly Tristram Prust
Peter Basilhole Peter Hatherly Peter Quance
John Bate Richard Hayman William Prance
Richard Bawdon Francis Heard John Radgers
Edward Beare Henry Heard Richard Rendell
John Beare Henry Heard Carnsewe Reed
William Beare Hugh Heard John Reede
John Beere John Heard Robert Reede
James Beliffe Nicholas Heard Hugh Robbins sen.
Thomas Beliffe Nicholas Heard Philip Robbins
William Beryman Philip Heard William Robbins
Henry Bewse Thomas Heard Hugh Robbins jun.
John Bewse Thomas Heard Francis Rowe
Richard Bewse Thomas Heard Laurence Rowe
Richard Bewse William Heard Peter Rowe
Thomas Bewse John Hender Peter Rowe
Thomas Bewse Christopher Herd Thomas Rowe
William Bewse James Heyman William Rowe sen
Hugh Bishop John Hill William Rowe jun
Thomas Bishop Roger Hill Daniel Sander
William Bishop George Hodg John Sander
John Blagdon sen. Nicholas Hodg John Scam
John Blagdon jun. William Hodg John Sherme
John Blagdon Thomas Hodge John Sherme
Peter Blagdon Richard Hokaday Diggory Shipyard
Jonathan Bligh Edward Hole Eli Shipyard
John Bond sen. James Hollman Thomas Shipyard
John Bond jun. Philemon Hollman William Shipyard
John Bornard Thomas Hollman William Shipyard
Richard Bornard Tristram Hollman Thomas Shutt
John Bowe William Hollman jun Oliver Simons
Jonathan Bragington Giles Holloford Robert Simons
Stephen Brand Hugh Holloford John Sloman
John Bray John Holloford Laurence Sloman
Samuel Bray Richard Hollonton John Smale
Zachary Bray sen. Peter Holman Thomas Smale
Zachary Bray jun. Gabriel Hooper Zachary Smale
Christopher Bremridg John Hooper Henry Smeeth
Joseph Bremridg Thomas Horwood George Snowe
Thomas Bremridg John Horwode Henry Snowe
Matthew Brooke Lewis Horwode John Snowe
John Browne Sidrache Huchinge John Snowe
Robert Browne Edmund Huchyngs Michael Snowe
William Browne Arthur Husband Nicholas Snowe
John Burn Daniel Husband Richard Snowe
Abraham Cann John Husband Richard Snowe
Diggory Cann Petherick Husband Stephen Somer
Hugh Cann Philip Husband Thomas Snowe
Laurence Cann Henry Juell Thomas Snowe
Philip Cann John Juell Tristram Snowe
John Carwethy John Juell William Somer sen
William Cawell Peter Juell William Somer jun. 
Thomas Chepman Richard Juell Thomas Speke
Robert Cholacom Richard Juell John Stambery
John Cholwill John Kempthorn William Stanbery
Nicholas Cholwill Abraham Kinge Baldwin Stapledon
Thomas Cholwill jun John Kinge William Tetherly
William Cholwill Richard Kinge (Taylor) Arthur Tetherlye
Robert Cleverdon sen Richard Kinge jun Nicholas Thomas
Robert Cholwill jun Thomas Kinge Henry Tibb
Thomas Cloutman Francis Lake Richard Tibb
Edmund Coll jun. John Lambart James Tippett
Edward Coll William Lange Richard Toms
George Coll John Lapthorn Hopkin Tooker
John Coll William Lange Humphrey Tooker
Petherick Coll John Lange Joseph Tooker
Walter Coll John Lapthorn Silvester Tooker
John Comer Richard Lendon William Tooker
Matthew Comer Josias Lille John Treyes
Nicholas Comer Richard Littelljohn Peter Trick
Peter Comer Thomas Littelljohn John Trik
Aaron Cooke William Littelljohn John Trik
Bartholomew Cooke Francis Luttrell Gent Peter Trik
James Cooke Nicholas Luttrell Gent Richard Trik
John Cooke of Warmlee Thomas Luttrell Gent Robert Trik
John Cooke alias Spenser William Luttrell Gent Diggory Triplett
John Cooke jun. Thomas Madg John Uggerye
Thomas Cooke Stephen Marshell Philikp Veale
Thomas Cooke Abraham Martin John Velly, Gent
Thomas Cooke Christopher Maye Thomas Vellye
George Cornewe Gabriel Maye Henry Vine
Peter Cornewe James Maye sen. John Vine of Cherstow
John Cornish James Maye jun. John Vine of Fattard
Philip Cornish John Maye John Vine of Hole
Hugh Cornishe Justinian Maye John Vine jun.
John Cornishe Nathaniel Maye Nicholas Vine
John Couch Nicholas Maye Nicholas Vine
Josias Couch William Maye Peter Vine
Thomas Courtis Zachary Maye Richard Vine
Michael Cowell Simon Mill William Waklie
John Crange sen. Thomas Moger John Waldon
John Crange jun. John Mogford sen. John Waldon
Richard Crap John Mogford John Waldon
John Creede John Mogford Peter Waldon
Nicholas Crudge John Mogford Stephen Waldon
Richard Crudge Henry Mogford Richard Walldon
Thomas Crudge Laurence Mogford Thomas Walldon
George Cutcliffe Nicholas Mungey John Wallter
Christopher Cutcliffe William Mungey Laurence Walter
Simon Dallin Hugh Nicholl William Walter
Martin Dayman John Nicholl Michael Warren
Benjamin Deyman John Nicholl (Butcher) Diggory Waye
Charles Deyman Justinian Nicholl John Waye
Charles Deyman Laurence Nicholl Peter Weay sen.
Hugh Deyman Nicholas Nicholl Peter Weay jun.
Laurence Deyman Oliver Nicholl Charles Webber
Laurence Deyman Peter Nicholl Simon White
Lewis Deyman Peter Nicholl Adrian Whitfill
Richard Deyman Robert Nicholl Philip Whitlock
Richard Deyman William Nicholl William Widdicon
Thomas Deyman Samuel Parson Bartholomew Wilcok
William Deyman Samuel Parson Henry Wilcok
Richard Dinis William Peard Hugh Willcok
Richard Docton Gabriel Perse John Willcok
William Donn Gabriel Perse Nicholas Willcok
Thomas Dorton Hugh Perse Nicholas Willcok
Thomas Downe John Perse William Willcock
George Downinge  Richard Perse sen George Williams
George Edward  Richard Perse jun John Williams
Syephen Edward Robert Perse Laurence Williams
Robert Elliott Thomas Pikerd Richard Williams
William Ellis Edmund Pitton  John Woode
William Feard Nicholas Pitton Charles Yeo
Richard Fisher John Popham Justinian Yeo
Daniel Fursyer William Powell Richard Yeo
John Fursyer Humphrey Pridham Richard Yeo
Alexander Galsworthy William Prout ---
William Galsworthy John Pruse ---

William Churton - Minister

William Atken - Hundred Constable

Thomas Cholwill - Hundred Constable

Robert Cleverdon - Petty Constable

William Prust - Petty Constable

William Rowe - Petty Constable

Charles Yeo - Overseer

William Nicholl - Overseer

Hugh Robins - Overseer

Richard Snowe - Overseer

John Cooke Churchwarden

William Mugford - Churchwarden

(All the above names in the same hand)

* For many centuries, Devon was divided into 32 administrative districts or Hundreds for land tax purpose.

Taken from the transcription by A. J. Howard published in 1973 which is available in the West Country Studies Library,

Courtesy of Devon County Council


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