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Salcombe is in  the parish of Malborough, is situated on an arm of the sea, which extends hence to Kingsbridge, about 5 miles northward; and is a navigable inlet of great importance to the adjacent places.


The harbour or bay is considered one of the finest in England, and the shipping has increased within the last four years from 40 to 80 sail; the principal exports being corn, cider, etc – and the imports, coal. The parish of Malborough is in the Kingsbridge Union and the resident population in 1831 was 1604.


The inhabitants of Salcombe having been inconvenienced for many years by an inadequate and defective supply of water, a meeting was held on 7 May 1839, Andrew Pinwill Esq of Mount Knowle in the chair, when subscription took place which was applied to the direction of a capacious tank or reservoir at the Spring Head, to hold 150 hogsheads of water with iron main or leading pipes to convey it to and through the town, providing seven public watering places. The living is a Curacy. The Earl of Devon is Lord of the Manor of Salcombe. South of the town is the promontory of Bolt Head.


R. Adams Ship owner
William Bouker Ship builder
Harriet Brooking Blacksmith
Richard Burner Thatcher
James Chadder Shoemaker
Stephen Chadder Gardener
Chapman & Jarvis Bakers and grocers
William Chapman Mason
Edward Cole jun. Carpenter
Joel Cole Shoemaker
John Cole Tailor
Samuel Cole Tailor
John Crocker Shoemaker
Mary Dawe Victoria Inn
Richard Easton Gardener
Robert Efford Tinman
Robert Elliott Block maker
James Evans Grocer
John Evans Ship builder and owner
John Evans jun. Ship builder and owner.
J. S. Fairweather Lime burner and ship owner
Thomas Forbes Ship owner
William Hannaforde Cattle dealer
William Hannaforde jun Butcher
Thomas Harvie Butcher
Richard Hext Tailor
Thomas Hill Builder
Robert Hurrell Ship owner
Robert Hurrell jun. Solicitor
Ann Ingram Commercial Inn
Elizabeth Jarvis Straw bonnet maker
Isaac Jarvis Kings Arms Inn
Jonathan  Jarvis Sailmaker
Joseph Jarvis Taylor
Richard Jarvis Shoemaker
William Jarvis Draper & Hatter
William Jennings Shoemaker
Rev. Robert Lane Minister of Chapel of Ease
William Patey Block maker
Samuel Pearse Coal merchant
Charles Port Tailor
Frederick Port Shoemaker
George Port Painter and Glazier
Ann Prowse Baker
James Prowse Schoolmaster
Elizabeth Russell Straw bonnet maker
Catherine Sladen Shopkeeper
Rev. R Sleep Wesleyan minister
Thomas Soper Watch maker
Henry Steere Mason
George Stumbles Mason
William Stumbles Shoemaker
Henry Sture Painter and Glazier
Harris Thorning Blacksmith
John Thorning Miller
Thomas Thorning Blacksmith
William Thorning Sailmaker
William Trinick Union Inn
Josiah Turtley Ship owner
James Vivian Ship builder
James Vivian jun Ship builder
Thomas Vivian Baker
Phillip White Carpenter
William Wills Blacksmith
Ann Wotton Linen draper



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