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Devon County

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This is an unusual Directory entry in that it names those inhabitants who live in rented accommodation and who are normally omitted. Those who own their own property are listed separately under the PRIVATE description -  the other people who live in the village are described as COTTAGERS and in many instances, their trade is also shown..



Parish, 5 miles from Tiverton and 3 miles from Tiverton Junction railway station. In Tiverton Division of devon, Tiverton Union and County Court District. Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Rectory, yearly value £390, with residence and glebe, in gift of, and held since 1857 By Rev. W. R. Ireland (curate Rev. P. C. Rossiter). There is also a Wesleyan Chapel. Acreage = 2,000; rateable value £4,366; population 637. Letters through Tiverton.

Poor Law Guardian: Mr. Robert Burrough

Overseers: Messrs E. Pearce and J. G. Pedler

Churchwardens: Messrs John Bowden and James Crosby



Arthurs, John, smith, Lower Town

Baker, Jane, Higher Town

Bamforth, I, schoolmaster, Rookery Cottage

Benge, William Goring, MCP, East Devon County School

Bowden, J, yeoman, Providence House

Bowden, Mrs. H, Chains

Browning, W, painter, Lower Town

Buckingham, Mr. Moor Villa

Bucknell, R, Butteridge

Burrough, Mr. John, Assistant Overseer & rate collector, Ivy Grove

Burrough, Mr. Robert, Old School

Chave, Mrs., Morrell's House

Cook, Mrs., Shepherd's House

Cooksley, J, yeoman, Wharf Cottage

Crosby, J., yeoman, Great Landside

Dinham, A, pointsman, Moor Cottage

Down, Alfred J, MRCVSL;MCMA; veterinary surgeon

Dunn, W, bootmaker, Hall's House

Dunn F, Hare and Hounds Inn

Farr, Mrs. M. A. , milliner & dressmaker

Foxford, J, limeburner, Higher Town

Goffin, F, painter, Turnpike Rd

Goffin, Joseph, New Inn

Goddard, - ,  farmer, Churchwalls

Haywood, John, wheelwright

Heard, Walter, farmer, Pitt

Hellier, Mrs. E, market gardener

Hooper, R, Higher Town

Hunton, Mr. H. E. ,Laburnam Cottage

Ireland, Rev. G. W. R., Rector

Jennings, J, postmaster & bookseller

Jennings, W, painter &c, Lower Town

Kerslake, Miss Susan, shopkeeper

Markes, James, gardener, Roberts Cottage

Morgan, Mrs. E., shopkeeper, London House

Needs, J, bootmaker, Coombe Cottage

Parkhouse, T, bootmaker, Boobery

Payne, B, Lower Town

Pearce, Edward, farmer, Boehill Barton

Pearce, Thomas, farmer & lime merchant, Turberfield House

Pedler, Mrs. Elizabeth, The Barton

Ponsford, Thomas, tailor, Turnpike Road,

Rogers, R, Ayshford Moor

Rolestone, Mrs. pork butcher &c, Higher Town

Rossiter, Rev. P. C. Curate, The Rectory

Salter, J, milk & cream supply

Salter, J, Lee Ditch

Saunders, R, mason, Bridge Buildings

Saunders, W, mason, Bridge Buildings

Shattock, Mr. G. Mount Cottage

Shuttock, A, yeoman, Butteridge

Snow, James, farmer, Mountain Oak

Southwood R, shopkeeper, Cross Hill

Staddon, - , inn keeper,  Globe Inn

Taudevin, F. W. draper, grocer &c, Lower Town

Taylor, John, tailor, Higher Town

Taylor, G, baker, Mount Pleasant

Thomas, W. C, baker, Higher Town

Vicary, Mrs. Wharf House

Vickery, Edwin, tailor, Rose Cottage

Wensley, T, butcher, Lower Town

Westcott, M, yeoman, Speedland

White, R, Jersey Dairy

Wood, H, sen. Rose Cottage

Wood, H, jun., saddler, Wharf House

Wright, James, farmer, Ridge

Wright, J, yeoman, Barley Beans

Wright, Miss, Kerslake House


Batern, John, packer

Brookland, Mrs. Boobury

Broom, Henry, labourer, Higher Town

Butt, Cornelius, Royal Oak

Clarke, John, packer, Moor Cottage

Colwell, William, shepherd, Barton Cottage

Cornish, W, labourer, Higher Ridge

Cottey, Edward, Saunders

Cottey, John, labourer

Cottey, John, labourer, Boobery

Cottey, William, Jersey Cottage

Creed, Mrs. M. A., Lower Town

Darch, William, labourer, Pitt Cottage

Drew, Thomas

Dunn, P, labourer, Higher Town

Farr, Mary, Higher Town

Flew, R, labourer, Lower Town

Flew, John, labourer, Boobery

Ford, Mrs. Mary

Fouracre, John, Landside

Gater, Henry, Goldsmoor

Greenslade, Mrs., Higher Town

Hellyer, S, packer, Higher Town

Hellyer, F, packer, Smoke Alley

Hicks, H, Mitchell's Cottage

Hill, Thomas, police constable

Holland, J, labourer, Goldsmoor

Holley, James, gardener, Boobery

Hooper, B, dealer, Higher Town

Hurford, G, labourer, Lower Town

Hurford, John, packer

Kerslake, John P, Barton Cottages

Lovell, Henry, Higher Town

Lovell, E. J. dressmaker, Lower Town

Merson, John, Higher Town

Merson, W. Higher Town

Middleton, G, Barton Cottages

Milton, J, labourer, Higher Town

Moon, William, labourer, Boobery

Morrell, J, Barton Cottages

Otter, F, Wink Cottage

Otter, S, Higher Town

Parker, Mrs. Jane

Parker, R, sen., drainer, Higher Town

Parker, R, jun.,Higher Town

Parkhouse, G, labourer

Parr, Robert, thatcher, Higher Town

Payne, Benjamin

Penscombe, William, Landside

Piller, John, Higher Town

Podbury, William, Turberfield Dairy

Ponsford, Jesse, packer, Higher Town

Pugsley, G, Pitt Cottage

Saunders, Harry, Higher Town

Scorse, C, packer, Easton

Snow, Miss, Jersey Cottage

Stevens, William

Tapp, W, Higher Town

Thomas, W, labourer, Higher Ridge

Trevelyan, Mrs. Martha

Trevelyan, C, laundress

Walker, William

Webber, Henry, Lower Town


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