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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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Part of the 1914 name list

A number of  names were added ultimately to this list.

©Richard J. Brine



28464 Private Launcelot Edward Carter of the 43rd Battalion of the Manitoba Regiment. Son of Mr and Mrs John Carter of Teignmouth; husband of Pearl Carter. Born in Teignmouth in 1885 Died in Mesopotamia 4 June 1916 aged 20.
12811 Guardsman Arthur Cates of the 1st Battalion, the Scots Guards.  Son of Mrs Mary Cates,formerly of Shaldon.  Born in Middlesex in 1884. Died 22 june 1918 aged 34.
315038 Private Albert Collis Colbran of "B" Coy, 2nd battalion , the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Horace and Mary Ann Colbran of Eastbourne; husband of Martha Colbran of Beach Cottage, Shaldon.  Born in Newton Abbot in 1885. Died 24 April 1918 aged 33.
Captain Edward Bruce Conybeare of the 1st Battalion, Worcestershire regiment, attached to the 9th Battalion. Son of Henry and Amy Conybeare of Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in 1891.  Died 14 january 1915 aged 24.
Lieutenant Private Maynard Henry Crawford Conybeare of the 7th Battalion, the Yorkshire Regiment. Son Henry and Amy Conybeare of Shaldon (see above). Born in Shaldon in 1891. Died 14 January 1915 aged 24.
Not yet confirmed but thought to have been on the RAF Muster Roll in 1918.
2nd Lieut. Gerald Howard Eardley-Wilmot of the Royal Flying Corps, attached to the 9th Battalion, (Machine Gun section), the Devonshire Regiment. Son of F.E.Wilmot and his wife, of Lewisham, London. Born in 1891. Died 10 March 1916 aged 25.
1463 Lance Corporal Cecil Roy East  of No 1. Coy, the Honourable Artillery Coy.  Son of Frederick and Elizabeth East of Forest Hill , London. Born in Forest Hill in 1892. Died 13 may 1915 aged 23.
Lieut-Col Lawrence Oliphant Graeme of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Son of Laurence Anthony Graeme and his wife Catherine. Born at Inchbraikie, Scotland 29 October 1872. Died 10 March 1916 aged 43.

His father's choice of 2nd home for his ancient family forms the family link to Shaldon. In 1865, he purchased Fonthill, a beautiful home with marvellous views across the estuary to Teignmouth and beyond., standing in 17 acres of land. If you leave Shaldon by the Torquay road you will pass it on the first bend. Lawrence Oliphant spent many happy years in Shaldon before he was sent away to school at Charterhouse.

S/7325 Private William Frederick Horsam of the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of William Frederick Horsam; husband of Elizabeth Horsam of 22 Willow Street Teignmouth. Born in Teignmouth in 1872. Died 18 December 1914 aged 42. Buried in Shaldon Churchyard.
29464 Private James Lambe of the Canadian Military Forces, Son of David and Elizabeth of Hamilton, Ontario. Born in 1896. Died in Mesoptamia 14 June 1916 aged 20.
TR7/15838 Private Herbert Loram of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Son of Ida and the late Abraham Loram of 16 Middle Street, Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in 1885. Died 14 November 1917 aged 32.

From the Teignmouth side of the river, look opposite to a huge car park up on the Ness. At the very top of the car park is a block of flats with balconies overlooking the Bay This was the site of the seaside home of the Lucas family, called "Dunmore" then and now


Malcolm Hugh Lucas DSO, served in the 37th Lancers. Born in 1882, he died on active service at Shiraz in Persia 2 August 1920 aged 38

68419 Private Stephen George Matthews of the 1st battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Thomas and Susan Matthews of 1 North View, Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in 1899. Died 23 August 1918 aged 19.
51302 Rifleman George Thomas Merchant of the 1st/5th Battalion, the Liverpool Regiment. Son of Harriet Merchant of 1 Rose Cottage, Ringmore. Born in Shaldon in 1887. Died 30 November 1917 aged 30.
9502 Guardsman Frederick George Payne of the 2nd Battalion, the Coldstream Guards. Son of William and Harriet Payne. Born in Shaldon in the March Quarter of 1897. Died 17 January 1915 aged 18.
Apprentice Richard Barrington Reed of the Mercantile Marine, serving on SS Torrington. Son of Elizabeth and the late Richard Reed formerly of Shaldon. Born in Gravesend, Kent  in 1900. Died 19 April 1917 aged 17.
2nd Lieutenant Lewis Sheppard of the 3rd Battalion, the Somerset Light Infantry, attached to the Royal Flying Corps Son of Herbert and Gertrude Sheppard of "Undercliffe", Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in  1898. Died 21 April 1917 aged 20.
Boy Signaller on HM Yacht Venetia III. Son of Frederick and Emily Stephens of Vine Cottage, Ringmore; brother of Frederick (see below). Born in Liskeard in the June Quarter of 1900. Died 24 August 1917 aged 17.
426188 Lance Corporal Frederick Thomas Stephens of the 46th Battalion, the Canadian Army . Son of Frederick and Emily Stephens of Vine Cottage, Ringmore; brother of Charles (see above). Born 14 March 1893. Died 30 September 1918 aged 25.
43798 (John) Arthur Taylor of the 15th Battalion, the Royal Scots Guards. Son of John and Eleanor Taylor of Shaldon; husband of Beatrice Taylor of Shaldon.  Born in Glasgow but lived in Shaldon. Died 22 March 1918 aged 35.
J122350 AB/Gunner Rolf Francis Cole Tothill of the Royal Navy, HMS Foresight. Son of Beatrice Tothill of Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in 1898. Died 21 February 1917 aged 19.
23663 Guardsman William Hamlyn Windeatt of the Grenadier Guards. Transferred from the 1st battalion, the King's Coy (which had been annhilited in battle. just a few days before receiving the wounds which killed him. Son of William and Eliza Windeatt of 32 Middle Street, Shaldon. Born in Shaldon in 1880. Died 5 October 1916 aged 26.
Deckhand Charles Thomas Withey serving in the Mercantile Marine as part of his RNR service. Son of William and Ellen Withey of Middle Street, Shaldon; brother of Sidney (see below). Born in Shaldon in 1891. Died 4 August 1917 aged 26
11484 Private Sidney Alfred Withey of the 1st battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Ellen Withey of 29 Albion Street, Shaldon and the late William; brother of Charles (see above) Born in 1896. Died 23 April 1917 aged 21.
13760 Deck hand John Harry Wood of the RNR serving on HMS Epworth.  Son of John and Elizabeth Wood of Shaldon; husband of Irene Wood of Chudleigh. Born in Shaldon 27 March 1875. Died 22 May 1917 aged 42.




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