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Sidmouth is a market town on the English Channel, at the mouth of the Little River Sid, 15 miles east from Exeter and  158 from London. In 1831. It contained 3126 inhabitants and the annual value of assessed property in 1815, was £9634. It is situated in a narrow valley, opening to the sea, between two ranges of steep hills, and occupies the margin of a small bay, bounded on the east by Salcombe Hill and on the west by Peak Hill, each more than 600 feet above the level of the sea at low water. A massive stone wall, extending along the beach in front of the town, to protect it from the violence of the ocean during south-westerly gales, was completed in 1838. This wall is supposed to have preserved the place from destruction these three several times.

From its healthy and pleasant situation, Sidmouth has become a fashionable watering place, and is much frequented during the summer months; there is every requisite accommodation for visitors, including warm baths, assembly rooms, circulating libraries, and public rooms etc. A scientific institution has been recently established and gasworks were erected in 1838. Many of the local inhabitants are employed in the manufacture of Honiton lace. A new market house was built in 1840; the market is held on Saturday and there are fairs at Easter and Michaelmas. The resident and County magistrates meet on the third Tuesday in every month, for the administration of justice.


The church, dedicated to St Nicolas, has a well built tower at the west end and contains a monument of James Curry, M. D. who died in 1805 and, is the biographer of the poet Burns. The living is a vicarage, valued £481  per annum. A chapel, dedicated to All Saints was erected in 1839. Here are also chapels for  Baptists, Independents and Wesleyan Methodists and Unitarians. Also, a national school, and several charitable institutions, including a  dispensary.


Sidmouth has two suburbs, respectively called Western Town and the Marsh. The parish is in the Honiton Union. The river Sid  meanders through an undulating and richly cultivated Vale, screened towards the North by the Gittisham, and Honiton Hills. In the neighbourhood is a variety of beautiful scenery, and that along the coast from Sidmouth to Seaton ranks with the finest on the southern shores of Devonshire. Eastward of Seaton and about  11 miles from Sidmouth, at a part of the coast called Dowlands,  a landslip took place on Christmas Day 1839. About 70 acres, departed from the mainland, and advanced or slid towards the sea, leaving a chasm of great depth and breadth. The seashore, which lately was low and shelving, is now risen up in a mighty ridge or breakwater, of more than a mile in length, and of considerable height. Inside this ridge is a beautiful pool of some extent and depth, which is a naturally-formed entrance for boats at highwater. The sea outside the range is several fathoms deep, and has a sandy bottom, which before was rocky. This landslip offers some very curious phenomena to the geologist, both inland and out at sea.


The caves at Ladram Bay before erosion took away the upper arches

At the time this Directory was published, only one of these arches remained intact. Natural erosion by the sea and the weather has left only rocky pillars standing today..

From an etching after W. Finden '


Among the objects of curiosity in the more immediate neighbourhood of Sidmouth is an natural arch, in Ladram Bay, 2 miles westward of the town. Knowly Cottage, the beautiful residence of Thomas L. Fish, Esq, together with the pleasure grounds, is permitted to be viewed by the public from July to October, every Monday, between the hours of two and four, if the weather be fine, but not otherwise. The house contains a valuable collection of bijouterie. In the vicinity of the following seats Peak House; Witheby Cottage (Mrs Wright) Audley Cottage (the Dowager Lady Audley;) Powys Cottage; Arcot House; Woodland Cottage and Fort House. At Woolbrook House, his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, father of her Majesty, Queen Victoria, died on 23 January 1820. For a fuller account, the reader is referred to a Guide to Sidmouth, compiled by Theodore Mogridge Esq,, and published by John Harvey, bookseller, where also may be obtained numerous views of the town and neighbourhood, the various cottages and villas, etc.



Anning, E. Shopkeeper, Sidbury

Atkins, George, Chemist & Druggist. Fore Street

Avery, E, Grocer, Fore Street

Baker, Charles, Saddler & harness maker, Fore Street

Baker, John, Smith, Sidbury

Baker, John, Brewer & Maltster, The Marsh

Baker, John S., Smith, Sidbury

Barnard, E & F, Milliners, Post office Street

Barnard, Ambrose, Boot & Shoemaker, Post Office Street

Barnard, James, Hairdresser, Post Office Street

Barratt, J, Boot & shoemaker, Church Street

Barratt, J, Gardener, Mill Lane

Barret, R, Tailor, Market Place

Barrett, William,  Lodging House Keeper, Beach

Barrett, W. B. Draper & tailor, Church Street

Bartlett Edwin, Nurseryman, Temple Street

Bartlett, Henry, Coal merchant & shoeing smith, Fore Street

Beavis, Abraham, painter & glazier, Post office Street

Beavis, William, carpenter & builder

Beavis William, Boot & shoemaker, High Street

Blackmore, James, Watch & clockmaker, Fore Street

Blackmore, John, plumber, High Street

Bond, John, Boot & shoemaker, Fore Street

Brown, William, wheelwright, Sidbury

Bryant, James, Harness maker, High Street

Burgoyne, J, shoeing smith

Butter, Barnabas, painter & glazier, Near the Market Place.

Butter, Daniel, London Hotel Tap, Market Place

Carnell, John, Shopkeeper, Market Place

Carslake, J, Shoemaker, Market Place

Carslake, Isaac, Shoemaker & beer retailer, Exeter Road

Cawsey, William, Bookseller & public Library, York Terrace

Channon, William, Dairyman

Chomel. John, Surgeon, Sidbury

Churchill, John, Auctioneer, Fore Street

Clode, Isaac, Baker, Sidbury

Clode, Isaac, The Royal Oak, Sidbury

Clode, James, Painter, Fore street

Cole, Thomas, shoeing smith. Marsh

Collacott, Thomas, saddler & harness maker, Fore Street

Connett, William, Boat builder, Marsh

Coombes, C, Corset maker, High Street

Cowd, Thomas, tailor, Post office street

Cowd, William, tailor, Temple Street

Cawley, Richard, The Blue Ball, Sidbury

Cox, E, milliner, High Street

Cox. J., Cooper

Cox, Samuel, builder & surveyor, Temple Street

Crabb, Henry, Beer retailer & cooper, Sidbury

Cridland, John, Grocer, Church Street

Darke, Richard Rolle, Solicitor and Insurance Agent, High Street

Dean, Henry, Blacksmith, Marsh

Denby, E, Cabinet maker & Upholsterer & Undertaker, Prospect Place

Denby, Martha, Lace manufacturer, Fore Street

Denby , Sarah, Coal merchant and builder, Fortfield.

Denby Thomas, builder, York Terrace

Denby, William, silversmith, Post office Street

Dorman, George, Carrier, Marsh

Downton, George, the Red Lion, Sidbury

Dunn, William, the Ship, Post Office Street

Ebdon, J, builder & grocer, Church Street

Elliott, Gabriel, Lace manufacturer, Fiore Street

Eveleigh, John, New Commercial Inn, Fore street

Farrant & Son, Auctioneers, cabinet makers etc. Fore Street

Farrant, C & M, Tuscan & straw hat manufacturers, Fore Street

Farrant, John, Furnishing and ironmonger and agent to the Albion Gas & Coke Co. , Fore Street

Farrant, Richard, Grocer & wine merchant, Fore Street

Frost, Richard, Butcher, Church Street

Gidley, Gustavus, surgeon

Gigg, Robert, Lime burner

Goddard, E, Boot & shoemaker, Church Street

Goslin, R, Wheelwright & beer retailer, Sidbury

Gover, Edward, Shopkeeper. Temple Street

Gover, J. Tailor, Marsh

Griffin, Henry. Shopkeeper, Temple Street

Gullock, Mary, London Hotel & posting house, Fore Street

Guppy, Samuel, Grocer, Fore Street

Hall, Matthew & Son, Linen & woollen drapers, Market Place

Harding, the Misses, Dress makers, Church Street

Harding, Charles, Watch maker, Post Office Street,

Harris, John, Boot & shoemaker, Fore Street

Harris, W. G. Grocer & wine merchant, Fore Street

Hart, Richard, Beer retailer, Temple Street

Harvey, John, Linen & woollen draper, market place

Harvey, John, Book & music seller. Fore Street

Hayman. L. Baker, Sidbury

Hayman, Paul, Straw hat maker, High Street

Hayman. S. Ironmonger & plumber, High Street

Hayman, Stephen, Lace manufacturer, Prospect Place

Hayman, M, shopkeeper, Sidbury

Hayman Thoms, Whitesmith, Sidbury

Heffer, William, Lodging house keeper

Hill, M, Milliner, Market place

Hill, William, painter & glazier, Church Street

Hoare, John, tailor, High Street

Hodge, Thomas S, Surgeon, High Street

Holmes, John, Carpenter & wheelwright, Exeter Road

Holmes, Thomas, carpenter & wheelwright, Mill Lane

Holwill, John, Tailor & draper, Fore Street

Hooke, Francis, Baker, Fore Street

Hooke, Frederick, Butcher, Fore Street

Hooke, J, Butcher High Steer,

Hooke, Joseph, miller, Marsh

Hooke, William, Butcher, Sidbury

Horn, A, Coal dealer, Marsh

Horn, Robert, basket maker, Temple Street

Huggins, R, Shop keeper, Marsh

Hutchinson, Andrew, Physician, Coburg Terrace

Iles, Robert, Linen and Woollen draper, High Street

Infant School, P. Hayman, Master; F. Hamlin, Mistress

Jeffery, John, Surgeon, Fore Street

Jenkins, J. G. Solicitor, Radway Cottage

Jenkins, the Rev, William, the Vicarage

Jones, G, Baker, Fore Street

Kingwell, William, Coal dealer & stone mason, Marsh

Lee, James, Builder, Temple Street

Legg, Ann, Shopkeeper Fore Street

Lester & Radford, Solicitors and insurance agents.

Luxton, E, Lapidary, Fore Street

Luxton, Sarah, dealer in minerals, Beach

Macer, David, David, Carpenter, Sidnbury

Marshall, William. Boot & shoe maker, Post office Street

Metcalfe, G, Toy dealer, Market Place

Miller, J, Wheelwright & carpenter, High Street

Mitchell, carrier to Exeter on Friday & back the same day

Mitchell, Henry, Beer retailer & carrier, Sidbury

Mitchell, Theodore, MD, Mill Lane

National School, James Roberts, master, Marsh

Newman, mrs, Lodging House keeper, Beach

Newman, T. W.  Statuary mason & shopkeeper, Exeter rd.

Nicholls, William Boot & shoe maker, Marsh

Norman, J, carrier, Temple Street

Page, John, Butcher, Sidbury

Penny George, gardener, Churchyard

Pepperall G, Dairyman, Temple Street

Pepperall, J, Dairyman

Perryman, William, Boot & shoemaker, Fore Street

Philpot, M, Shop keeper, Fore Street

Pidgeon, Robert, Coal dealer, Marsh

Pidgeon, William. Shopkeeper, Market Place

Pike Thomas, Bricklayer & builder

Pike, T, Slater & plasterer, Temple Street

Pile, John, Ironmonger & oil colourman, Fore Street

Pile, Mrs. Lodging house keeper, Marine Place

Piper, John, Beer retailer

Potbury, J, S. Grocer, market place

Pitts, William, Cattle dealer, Mill Lane

Pottenger, John, Beer retailer & shopkeeper

Power, George, The Anchor Inn, Post office Street

Price, Thomas, Grocer, Post Office Street

Prout, William, Grocer, Post Office Street

Pullin, E. B. Chemist & surgeon, Fore Street

Radford, James, Shoemaker, Church Street.

Reed, William, Miller, Sidbury

Rippon, J, Bookseller, printer & ststioner, Fore Street

Roberts, Thomas, Bath proprietor, York Terrace

Russell, John, Baker & Confectioner, Fore Street

Russell, John, Baker & confectioner, Fore Street

Russell, Sarah, Gardener

Russell, William, Baker, Church Street

Sanders, Richard, Carrier, Marsh

Sanders, Carrier, Marsh

Sanders, Robert,Coal dealer, marsh

Saunders, James, Cabinet maker, Church Street

Sawday, George, Linen and Woollen draper, Fore Street

Searle, E & M, Milliners, High Street

Searle, Thomas, Maltser & brewer, Temple street

Seley, Thomas, Beer retailer

Shipcott, William, Carrier, Market place

Shorland, John, Brickmaker

Sidmouth Dispensary

Sidmouth gas Works, Mr. John Farrant, Superintendent

Simmons, Henry, Smith, Sidbury

Simmons, John, Smith, Sidbury

Simmons, Williams, Baker, Sidbury

Sloman. F, Baker, Temple Street

Smeath, M, Straw hat maker, Marsh

Smeath, Timothy, Beer retailer & slater, Marsh

Smith, H, Flymaster, Marsh

Sommerwill, Lewis, shopkeeper, Post office Street

Spencer, J, Shoemaker, Post office Street

Stiling, Edward, Carrier, Post office Street

Stocker, G. S. Surgeon, Marsh

Stocker, the Misses, Ladies Boarding School, Beach

Stokes, Mrs. Lodginghouse keeper, High Street

Stone, Thomas, Carver & gilder,  High Street

Sumption, John, Cattle doctor, Exeter Road

Sweet, Robert, Boot & shoe maker, Post Office Street

Sweet, T, Ropemaker, Temple Street

Talbotm Hugh, Chemist & druggist, Market Place

Tancock, John, Coachmaker, Church Street

Taylor, Joel, Shoemaker Sidbury

Taylor, John, Beer retailer, Temple Street

Taylor, John, Gents' Boarding & Day school, High Street

Tilke, John, Butcher, Sidbury

Toby, Abraham, Miller, Sidbury

Trickey, Beer retailer, Temple Street

Turner. John, Beer retailer, Temple Street

Turner, James, Hairdresser, Market place

Voysey, John, Wheelwright, Salcombe

Webber, John, Baker, pastry cook & confectioner, Fore Street

Weslford, Boot & shoemaker, Prospect Place

Willmot, S, Straw hat maker, Fore Street

Wheeker, J, C. Shopkeeper & carpenter, Sidbury

Wheaton, W & P, Livery stable keepers, Fore Street

Wheaton, Peter, Shopkeeper, Fore Street

Wheaton, Thomas, beer retailer, Temple Street

White John, Coal dealer, Marsh

White, William, Coal dealer, Marsh

Whitlock, P. g, Surgeon, Coburg Terrace


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