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Sadly, this entry in the Great Universal Directory  gives no first  names - presumably Sidmouth was still small enough for everyone to identify everybody else just by surname and occupation.


Fortfield Terrace, Sidmouth in 2006

Fortfield Terrace with its fine views of the sea, was commenced in 1790, just ahead of the publication of this directory.  Note the reference in the text below

"Several rows of good houses have been lately built by the gentry"

©Richard J. Brine


Sidmouth stands on the Channel between Lyme and Exmouth, is 152 miles from London, and stands at the mouth of the river Sid. It was a considerable port but has been so choked up by sands, that no ship in burden can get in, yet it remains one of the chief fishing towns in the shire, and furnishes the east parts of it with much provision.

Here here are seven or eight bathing machines which are private property and of late, Sidmouth has been much resorted to from Bath, Exeter etc. Several rows of good houses have been lately built by the gentry, numbers of whom make it their summer residence. The market days are Tuesday and Saturday; there are fairs on Easter Tuesday and the Wednesday after September 1.

The post from Axminster to Exmouth, passes through Sidmouth on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. No coach or wagon goes regularly to or fro from this place.

The following are the principal inhabitants:


Ash, Gent

Cawley, Gent

Greenfield,  General


Rev. Jenkins Vicar


Hodge,  Surgeon and Man-midwife

Mathews, Surgeon and Apothecary

Searl, Miss  Drugist

Stocker, Surgeon and Apothecary


Clap  Attorney


Ashford   Butcher
Atkins   Tinman & ironmonger
Baker   Brewer
Baker, Mrs.   Licensee, the London Inn
Ball   Confectioner
Barnett   Tea dealer
Barratt sen.   Tailor
Barratt jun.   Tailor
Bartlett   Cordwainer
Bearsely   Druggist & Earthenware man
Blackmore   Watchmaker
Clode   Confectioner
Coad   Tailor
Dare, Mrs   Baker
Dunsford   Cordwainer
Evens   Blacksmith
Evens   Schoolmaster
Follatt   Mercer & draper
Godfrey   Builder
Gonnard   Cordwainer
Govier   Tailor
Heffer   Butcher
Holley   Tailor
Hook   Butcher
Jeffery   Cheesemonger
Langford   Excise officer
Mare   Cordwainer
Nicholls   Builder
Pirman   Cordwainer
Prout   Victualler
Saunders, Miss   Shop keeper
Saunders   Shop keeper
Smith Miss   Mantua maker*
Sparks   Shop keeper
Stocker   Tallow chandler
Stocker   Trading Captain
Stone   Baker
Switland  Mrs.   Shop keeper
Tailor   Shop keeper
Taylor    Butcher
Woolcott   Licensee, the New Inn
Taylor Mrs.   Shoemaker
Tilt    Baker
Turner   Shop keeper
Vayfey   Victualler
Wallis   Builder
West   Post master
Wild   Officer of the Customs
* Miss Smith made cloaks and wraps, i. e. outerwear for ladies


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