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Templeton is a parish 5 miles from Tiverton in the Tiverton Division of Devon, Tiverton Union and Country Coourt District. The Church is dedicated to St Margaret. The Rectory with residence and glebe is in the gift of Sir William de la Pole and held since 1887 by the Rev. J. Fowler.

The Poor Law Guardian is the Rev. J. Fowler.

The Overseers are Mrs Southcott amd Mr William Ayres.

The Churchwarden is Mr. F. White.


Alford, A. W. farmer, Cross Moor

Alford, Frederick, carpenter, Temple Hill

Bond, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker

Bond, Edmund, baker and grocer, Mount Pleasant

Bond, William , labourer

Bryant, Mrs C, dressmaker, Temple Hill

Buckingham, Benjamin farmer, Starraton

Barnett, T, smith and wheelwright, Post office, Templeton

Chown, John, carpenter, miller and builder, Coombe Mills

Cording, George, smith, Temple Cottage

Conibeare, John, farmer, South Commbe

Crocker, Henry, labourer, Pond Head

Crocker, William, labourer, Lineridge Moor

Crocker, William , Temple Hill

Cruwys, George, carpenter, Temple Mill

Cruwys, Mrs, Nurse, Temple Town

Fisher, William, farmer, Higher South Combe

Fowler. Rev. James, BA, Rector, the Rectory.

Gosland, John, labourer, Temple Hill

Gould, John, farmer, Esworthy.

John Hagley, labourer, Temple Bridge

J. Hammett, J, labourer, Temple Hill

John Hurford,, bootmaker, Templeton

William Lewis, farmer, Partridge farm

John Lock, blacksmith, Temple Cottage

George Milford, labourer, Temple Town

Maria Milford, nurse

Miss E Milford, dressmaker

George Northam, famer, Clog's Moor

G. Roberts, labourer, Town Cottage

George Rogers, carpenter, Temple Hill

James Rowe, farmer, Lower North Coombe

Miss C. Rowe, dressmaker, Temple Hill

Mrs A. Southcott, farmer, Looseland

George Stevens, sexton

James Tancock, farmer, Cleave

F. Tarr, labourer, North Coombe Cottage

William Taylor, schoolmaster & teacher of music, the School House

William Turner, farmer, Higher North Coombe

R. West, farmer Middle North Coombe

Francis White, farmer, Colston Barton

Henry Wills, labourer, Common Close



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