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Devon County

Devonshire Rgt.

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Parish Records




War Memorials

Whitchurch 1914 War Memorial

The Whitchurch War Memorial

1939 names are inscribed below the 1914 names

© Richard J. Brine


Lt.-Col Reginald Wilson Fox of the 6th Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Charles and Caroline Fox of Wellington; husband of Mabel Fox. Born in Wellington, Somerset in 1867. Died 8 March 1916 aged 49.
Major Alexander Allen Cordner of the Royal Marine Light Infantry. Husband of Mabel Cordner. Born in the North West Province of India in 1880. Died 23 April 1918 aged 38.
Captain Cecil Howard Ker of the 1st Battalion, the Bedfordshire Regiment.  Son of George and Alice Ker of Moorland House, Whitchurch; husband of Dorothy Ker. Born in Madras, India 4 November 1884. Died 15 September 1914 aged 30.
Captain John Foster Paton Nash, DSO, of the 5th Battalion, the Canadian Infantry. Husband of Eleanor Nash of Whitchurch. Born in London 21 April 1886. Died 23 April 1916 aged 50. 
Lieutenant Vere Raymond Bennett of the 3rd Battalion, the Sherwood Foresters, attached to the 6th Battalion of the Machine Gun Corps Infantry. Son of Henry and Mary Bennett. Born in Ireland - baptised 9 November 1883. Died 10 April 1917 aged 34 years. Graduate of Trinity, Dublin.
Lieutenant Robert Peyton Hughes of the 101st Indian Grenadiers. Son of Robert and Laetitia of Down House, Whitchurch. Born in Plymouth in the June Quarter of 1888. Died 4 November 1914 aged 26.
2nd Lieutenant William Westbury Daw of the 171st Tunnelling Coy, the Royal Engineers. Son of John and Fanny Daw of Torquay. Born in 1883. Died 12 November 1918 aged 35.
37263 Lance Corporal George Henry Rooke of the 2nd Battalion, the Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment). Son of John and Ada Rooke of Merrivale Bridge, Nr Whitchurch. Born in Camelford, Cornwall in 1898 but lived at Merrivale.  Died 18 February 1917 aged 19.
2366 Private Reginald James Ash of the 13th Battalion, the Australian Infantry Force.  Son of John and the late Jane Ash. Born in Bridgewater in the September Quarter of 1874. Died 12 April 1917 aged 43.
17769 Private Eric William Compton-Lundie of the 2nd Regiment, the South African Infantry. Son of Stow (sic) and Maria Compton-Lundie of Whitchurch. Born in 1883. Died 31 October 1918 aged 35.
15057 Private Samuel John Creber of the 16th Battalion  (Royal Devon and Royal North Devon Hussars), the Devonshire Regiment.  Son of Charles and Mary Creber of Westrim Cottage, Whitchurch. Born in 1891. Died 3 December 1917 aged 26. 
G/9691 Private Percy Beauchamp Astley-Cooper of the 6th Battalion, the Buffs (The East Kents). Son of Major Loftus Astley-Cooper and Florence his wife. Born in Barbados, West Indies 17 January 1876 but lived in Dover. Died 4 August 1916 aged 40. Previously served in the Navy, reaching the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
1393 Driver Reginald George Donaldson of the Royal Field and Royal Horse Artillery. Son of George and Eliza Donaldson of The Firs, Whitchurch. Born in Frome, Somerset in 1899. Died 20 August 1915 aged 16.
44242 Private Sidney Claude Friend of the 2nd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment. Son of William and Rhoda Friend. Born in 1898 in Peter Tavy; lived in Whitchurch. Died 11 May 1918 aged 20.
240281 Private John Reginald Gilbert of the Prince of Wales Regiment, the Devonshire Regiment.. Son of John and Maud Gilbert. Born in Crown Hill, Plymouth, in 1898. Died 24 November 1917 aged 19.
285183 Private George Ewdard Mudge of the 1st/ 1st Battalion, the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry. Son of Charles and Emma Mudge. Born in Wapsworthy, nr. Peter Tavy in the December Quarter of 1896. Died 16 August 1917 aged 21. 
M2/052193 Private Charles Richard Philp of the Army Service Corps. Son of John and Mary Philp. Born in Tavistock in the December Quarter of 1883 but lived in Sampford Spiney. Died 11 August 1916 aged 33.
M2/132348 Private (Thomas) James  Trethewey of the 89th Field Ambulance,  the Royal Army Medical Corps. Son of Jessie and the late William Trethewey of "Glendower", Whitchurch. Born in Whitchhurch in the March Quarter of 1880. Died 25 April 1917 aged 37. Became an American citizen and lived for a time in Utah. 
13239 Private Hamilton Shirley Vincent of the 2nd Regiment, the South African Infantry. Son of John and Edith Vincent. Born in Plymouth in 1899. Died 14 October 1917 aged 18.
865604 Private Harry (Henry)  Westcott of the 218th Brigade, the Royal Field Artillery. Son of Henry and Florence Westcott of "Wrexhill" Whitchurch.  Born in Whitchurch in the September Quarter of 1892. Died 8 November 1918 aged 26.


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