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Ilfracombe James Stentiford Eggbuckland 1841 Census


We begin our second January Issue by wishing everyone a happy and, above all, a peaceful New Year. Thank you too for all the Christmas e-mails.

We are pleased to welcome Roy Hayter as our first guest contributor of 2003. Many of last year's articles have produced offers of additional information and Roy takes up the story of his Great Grandfather - James Stentiford -  which we touched on briefly in Issue 9. Thanks to family photos which Roy is sharing with us, we can now visualise James as well as understand his life a little better.

Eggbuckland is an important place in the history of more than one branch of the family. This time, it is the turn of the Stuttafords but we shall be returning to tell the Stentiford stories associated with this place in a future Issue.

It has bothered us since the first issue that we have not set up a workable index and now that the Archive is growing larger, having one is becoming far more important. Richard has spent much of the holiday working to create one that does not entail us having to rent additional expensive server space. We have included in our SEARCH section a small part of what we hope eventually will be a very useful search tool. Only PLACES can be searched in this trial extract - we shall be adding more categories as the year goes on but we should very much welcome your comments or suggestions as to its usefulness.

Keep in touch,

Muriel and Richard


Link to Office of National Statistics for information on how to obtain copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates.

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James Stentiford Eggbuckland 1841 Census



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