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The Happy Return

A Courtroom Drama

The Chegwidden Family in Australia


This month we've decided to include an article which, though it isn't directly about   someone in the Stentiford  group of families, follows on logically from the Issue 15 story about the emigration of Nicholas and Nancy Stentiford to South Australia. We're very grateful to Roy Hayter, who, using his own distant family connections, has compiled this description of what life really was like for them, and thousands of their contemporaries, when they reached Adelaide.

We'd like to note our gratitude to Fay Sampson Priestley who patiently transcribed the courtroom jottings of a Victorian Magistrate and then made them available to others. Without her efforts we would never have known of the incident featured in this month's Courtroom Drama, nor would we have gained  an intriguing insight into the feisty character of a certain Elizabeth Stentiford of Torquay. There is more than a hint in the evidence that at least one of the defendants came off worse at her hands and it is very notable that neither of the accused used their right to cross-examine her - obviously their male pride would have been more wounded than they had been if the truth had come out!

Someone said to us recently that this website is becoming quite a valuable storehouse of family information. Some recent areas of the various histories of the different families are quite difficult to research but we believe much of the information we lack is tucked away in the memories of the living. It is going to be much harder to be a family historian with the forthcoming introduction of new rules relating to what information can be made available on public access. So we're asking for your help - if you can add anything to our records we would be most grateful - and so will many other present and future family members. This month, we'd like to know more about five people, each of whom died in 1968 - they are

Frank Stediford who died in the Barnstaple area

Horace Stentiford, a child who died in London

Ivy Stentiford who died in the Croydon area

Laura Stentiford who died in Wales

Beatrice Stentiford who died in Plymouth

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Muriel and Richard



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The Happy Return

A Courtroom Drama

The Chegwidden Family in Australia



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