Issue 25

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Tom Stentiford's Story


We begin our third January Issue by wishing everyone a happy and, above all, a peaceful New Year. Thank you too for all the Christmas e-mails.

We make no apologies for devoting a single Issue to Tom Stentiford's story - he is something of a legend on both sides of the Atlantic and we have drawn on a number of sources to tell a tale that is full of twists and turns. Our posthumous contributor is Richard Hayward who was one of the compilers of the 1955 Stentiford history. He was the son of  Tom's sister Elizabeth and had first-hand experience of Tom's life in this country. Our thanks are also due to Rita Montano who researched the events that occurred after he left the UK. Thanks too, to Rita Poirier who shared similar information with us. 


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Muriel and Richard


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Tom Stentiford's Story


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