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Readers of the excellent magazine issued quarterly to members of the Devon Family History Society may have read there a recent  appeal by Roy Hayter for further information about his family.

We wrote about two policemen in Issue 9 - James and George Stentiford - and about Frederick John Stentiford who is commemorated on the Axminster War Memorial in Issue 3. Reginald Stentiford was George Stentiford's son and Frederick John Stentiford's brother, and, like these other men, was a kinsman of Roy's.

South Street, Axminster, in which Reginald was brought up,  is today greatly changed but a gate remains, still  carrying the name plate of his old home  - "South View". Local people remembered it on the day this photograph was taken but on one side of the gate, the site has been utilised for a Chinese Restaurant and on the other, there are smart offices for a firm of lawyers. We thought it a nice touch that the builder had left this memento in situ.

"South View" was home to two of Reginald's brothers - William and Albert - for their entire lives; neither of them married.


The gateway to South View South View - the sign in close-up

The gateway to South View

South View - the sign in close-up 


Reginald Stentiford was the sixth of the seven boys who formed the family of George Stentiford and Sarah Martin. The family moved to Axminster from Plympton when George was promoted to 1st Class Sergeant in 1891 which,  for many members of the family, became their homes for the remainder of their lives.

The details of the family printed below were first published in Issue 9 but are reprinted here for convenience:


George Martin 14 Sep 1879
Albert Charles 25 Jan 1881
William Edmund 21 Feb 1883
Ernest James 9 Nov 1885
Frederick John 5 Nov 1889
Reginald Arthur 29 Jan 1893
Cecil Herbert 23 Dec 1894


These details of Reginald's life have come from his obituary published in the Express and Echo on the 31st of  August 1953. He married Elsie Summers in 1927.

"The death of Mr. Reginald Arthur Stentiford of Karagolia, King Edward Road, Axminster, occurred at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. He was 60 and had been ill for about six weeks.

He was the youngest surviving son* of Police Sergeant and Mrs. George Stentiford and was born at the police station while his father was stationed at Axminster.

He served in the first World War as a member of the 1st/4th Devon Territorials in India and Mesopotamia and for a time he was on the General Staff at Baghdad. He was mentioned in despatches.

Mr. Stentiford was the first member of his family to serve on Axminster Urban Council, his brothers Messrs A.C and W.E Stentiford following him on that body.

From 1944 up to the time of his death, he was Chairman of the Axminster District Committee of the National Deposit Friendly Society. He was a member of the Axminster branch of the British Legion. He leaves a wife, two sons and two daughters."


*Reginald's youngest brother, Cecil, died in Axminster in 1933 at the age of 39.

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