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The Price of Poverty Missing in Action Civil Registration


This month we are delighted to welcome Roy Hewitt as our guest contributor with his piece about Frederick John Stentiford. It is illustrated with photos taken by Roy and Pat on one of their tours with the Western Front Association and is particularly apt in view of the BBC's new series about the Western Front called "The Trench" which begins on BBC2 on March 15th at 9pm.

We've  now created our link to the General Register Office through STENTIFORD.ORG and hope that by the end of this year, a direct on-line ordering service through this  link will be in place. Meanwhile, all the information you need in order to obtain Certificate copies by post can be found through the existing link. We have an extensive database of Stentiford, Stediford, Stuttaford etc. GRO numbers which we now have permission to pass on to family members - just e-mail us. Do remember though, that compulsory registration did not apply until nearly 40 years after the introduction of Civil Registration in 1837 so, frustratingly, many of our ancestors can't be found  on the Register.

It's been a month of bad news and good news. The bad news has come from the 1901 Census site - their problems in providing internet access seem as far away from solution as ever, and they are now offering to return money to those people who purchased pre-paid vouchers - it is definitely not a good sign when a government department offers to do this! The good news is that more family members have been in touch to offer valuable information which is going to close a number of loops.

Thanks, everyone, for all the e-mails and the support we see on the visitor counter each time we update.

Keep in touch.

Muriel & Richard


The Price of Poverty Missing in Action Civil Registration


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