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The Indian Mutiny

Charles Henry Stentiford

Kill or Cure


Our guest writer this month is Reg Norton who returns to tell the story of the Indian Mutiny in which a member of the Stideford family played a  part. It was not an episode that reflects credit on the British and it remains a sensitive issue in Indian history. Through Reg's article, we can recall the bravery, not only of "our" man, but that of thousands of brave men on both sides.

It is always exciting to receive e-mails bringing news of family members who have been hidden from view by the passage of time, and we were delighted when Shelley McInnes made contact. There was a brief reference to some of her ancestors in Issue 10 but the article on Charles Henry Stentiford represents a further step  in the process of putting together the history of her Ugborough family.

Among our mails this month, we received an incredible message which began:

"I live in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick on the Passamaquoddy Bay which is part of the Bay of Fundy, famous for having the highest tides on this planet.

One of the earliest occupant of my house was Edward Stentiford who was the town's wheelwright and undertaker from 1848 until his death. 

I still have some of his tools in our "loft" which is the upper part of the barn attached to the house (dating back to the 1820s we think)."   

Edward Stentiford began life in Ashburton in 1800 and with the help of the writer of that e-mail , Casey Newland (who is not connected with his family in any way), we shall be piecing together the story of Edward's  life on both sides of the Atlantic in a future Issue. Thank you Casey, for making history come alive for us - and please, look after those tools.

Keep in touch,

Muriel and Richard


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The Indian Mutiny

Charles Henry Stentiford

Kill or Cure


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