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Three families in 1891 John Morehouse Stuttaford The mists of time


This month we're pleased to be including the first guest article compiled by Hugh Lodge. He writes about a member of the Stuttaford family who emigrated to Canada and had a far from uneventful life there! Hugh is one of a group of Stuttaford descendents who have been working together over the past seven years to trace their history back to the Dartmoor area in the early 17th century. All of the information so far collected is  available on an intriguing website which everyone, not just Stuttafords, will find interesting. You can contact Hugh by e-mail at

The fiasco of the 1901 Census continues with the discovery that street indexes to help you search the microfiches in your local area (all that is currently on offer) are far from complete. Exeter and St. Thomas, for example, have no available index and these areas must be searched the hard way, fiche by fiche. Good news is that the indexed American 1880 Census is now available on CD in the UK, and that the 1881 Canadian Census is on its way. It came out last week in the States but to ship it here will cost more than the price of the discs so it is better to be patient for a few more weeks and await delivery in the UK.

We've had major problems with two of our computers during March. These are now resolved but we have many people to apologise to - emailing has been very difficult because of the way we had our addresses set up. Hopefully, we have retrieved all of the incoming mail and we shall be replying to everyone in the next few days. It is a real pleasure to meet so many new family members. 

"Is everybody going to do an article for this Magazine?" asks a reader. We do hope so -  we'd very much like to see more and more input from other people - just let us know if you have a story to tell!

A Happy Easter to all our readers.

Keep in touch. 

Muriel & Richard


Link to Office of National Statistics for information on how to obtain copies of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates.

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Three families in 1891 John Morehouse Stuttaford The mists of time

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